Osama Bin Laden’s Last Words

Here are Osama Bin Laden’s last words, according to Corrupt Camel readers.

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Submitted by A. Micak.

Submitted by J. Zezima.

Submitted by D. Sercombe

Submitted by J. Coughlan

Submitted by C. Camel.


“It wasn’t me” – J. Gorman

“What’s Chuck Norris doing here?” – M. Altimari

“What? American commandos invading during my pig roast?” – E. Ritter

“You won this round Waldo.” – J. Phillips

?”At least let me finish shaving my other leg, come on!!” – M. Jennings

“Who is it? Not more Mormons?!” – J. OByrn

“I finally get my virgins!” – R. Phelan

“I always thought the little mermaid was good looking!” – S. Capobianco
“I never really liked Dr. Pepper!” – S. Capobianco

“Hide and Go Seek Champion of the World, bitches.”  – S. Bawden

“I knew Jack Bauer was real.” – B. Laird

“Bring on the slutty virgins!!” – B. Walker

“I do believe in fairies , I do believe in Fairies, I do , I do…” – B. Laird

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