What Ever Happened to the Members of S Club 7?

From 1999 to 2002 you could look anywhere in the world and be absolutely certain there was no party like an S Club Party. S Club 7 bombarded the world with four studio albums (jam packed with 11 hit singles) that went on to sell over 17 million copies. While their music rocked the best discotheques, ballrooms, and teenage birthday parties internationally, 4 amazing seasons of the S Club TV show invaded the homes and hearts of people across the globe.

The thing is, if you were over 13 years old and listened to the music or watched the TV show, one word came to mind instantly: CHEESE.

So how was it that S Club 7 was able to kick so much butt all the way to butt-kicking-ville? Well, let’s be honest, girls always like some cheesy music. How else can you explain the fact most women, somewhere on their iPod, have either Spice Girls or Britney Spears hidden away.  Another reason girls like S Club is that girls like boys and three of the S Club 7 were boys.

But with 17 million albums sold, there must have been some guys watching and listening too, but why would men like something as cheesy as S Club 7? That show was absolutely terrible, and I confess, I still watched it. Guys watched S Club for the same reason they watched The Golden Girls: the ladies. In that day and age, before porn was available with a couple of clicks of the mouse, guys would watch anything on TV with semi-attractive/attractive women on it. ANYTHING. The girls on S Club 7 were pretty, especially Rachel, and looked nice in bikinis, so boys tuned in.

What went wrong?

It was Paul’s fault. He started the split when he decided to move back to his rock roots. The rest of S Club said, “Fuck it, we don’t need that bloke” and vowed not to split up. Isn’t that what the Spice Girls said when Geri left? We all know how that ended up. So, at that point, S Club dropped the “7” from their name and kept going, but after a not so great reception to S Club‘s 4th and would be last album, Seeing Double, and Jo having a terrible back condition that prevented her from being on the TV show, the group was left in shambles. They then released a feature film under the same title as their 4th album and headed out for the S Club United Tour. Ironically, it was on the S Club United Tour that S Club would finally confirm the media’s rumors and their fans worst nightmare, and announce that they were no longer going to be united. Fans packed up their juice boxes, loot bags, and pin-the-tail on the donkey game, because the S Club Party was over.

Where are they now?

Tina’s doing her dance: Or talking about doing it anyway. Tina laid low for the most part after the split and then talked about starting a solo career and was set to release a single this year (2010). But the fans, we’re still waiting. Check her Myspace page for the latest.

Jon’s looking for romance: But not with women. Jon began playing various roles in theater productions and in August of 2010, he came out publicly to Gay Times Magazine. Check out Jon’s website for more info on what he’s been up to.

Paul’s getting down on the floor: To do some break-up-dancing. After Paul broke up with S Club, he broke up his relationshipwith bandmate, Hannah, in 2006, ending a 6 year relationship. Paul’s rock band, Skua, the band Paul left S Club 7 for –creating the ripple that would eventually destroy S Club forever– broke up one year later. He then joined another band no one cared about and that band broke up too.  Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top…You were at the top Paul, you gave up, then you crumbled and took everyone else with you, jerkwad. Check out Paul’s Myspace page to see what band he’s currently causing to break up.

While Hannah’s screaming out for more: Well, after acting in the 2004 flick, Seed of Chucky, you should be able to hear her scream at least a couple of times. She also had a small role alongside Malcolm in the Middle star in Agent Cody Banks 2. In 2007, she landed a role in the TV series Primeval, which is still running to this day. Congrats Hannah. Check out all her acting roles and see some current pics at IMDB.

Wanna see Bradley swing?: You probably don’t want to see him swing his fists. Apparently, he’s not very good at it. Bradley did some DJing, was on what sounds like a terrible MTV show called Totally Boyband, fought and lost a celebrity boxing match versus Ozzy’s son, Jack Osborne, wrote an autobiographical book no one read, and released a bunch of solo tracks. So he’s still plugging away. You can hear some of his latest work on his Myspace page.

Wanna see Rachel do her thing?: You should. She’s still quite the looker. After S Club split, Rachel did her own thing, putting out one successful solo album and another not so successful solo album. In 2008, she finished second on a dancing show called Strictly Come Dancing. She plans on releasing some new music in the near future. Sorry fellas, she is married and just had her first child in November of 2010. In January 2010 Rachel was named FHM UK’s cover girl of the decade. Here is a picture from that photo shoot.

Then we got Jo, she got the flow: Which she stopped getting when she found out she was pregnant in 2008. She named her little boy Lenny, which I can only guess and hope was after the much loved Simpson’s character. Before that, she released a solo album that didn’t do very well and was on Celebrity Big Brother (UK) where she was accused of being a racist bully towards an Indian actress. The publicity tarnished her career, and even provoked a fan to throw a bottle at her head during a live performance. The bottle cut her head open. Ouch. Rumors have it she’s getting past the Big Brother incident and recording another album. And yup, she has a Myspace page too.

I’ll leave you with one final S Club memory. Fantastic stuff.

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