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Things that warrant the reaction – WTF?

I Can Hear You Having Sex – *UPDATE*

Perhaps my neighbors were under the impression I’d grown tired of their mixed bag of pleasure sounds, because they’ve added a new audible to their sexual repertoire.Continue Reading

Bagel = BAY-gle or BAA-gle?

Do you say BAY-gle or BAA-gle?Continue Reading

The Phantom Poop

You walk — no, run towards the washroom. Your pants and underwear already hugging your ankles before you’re even near the toilet…Continue Reading

Crotch Punching Your Way to a Better Day

So when I say crotch punching I don’t mean punching someone in the nuts or in the box. That’s not cool. Ever. Clear? Ok, so next time you’re passing through a turnstile, as your crotch punches the turnstile into motion, I want you to think of just how many groins and genitals have nudged theContinue Reading

Turd Thursday

Not really enthusiastic enough today to write any lists, rants, or anything remotely interesting. Usually I’m a little bit more upbeat on Turd Thursday, but It’s one of those weeks where it feels like I haven’t left work. I need something to turn today around, I’m not giving up on it yet. Maybe I’ll seeContinue Reading

Jeans: The Only Pants You’ll Ever Need to Wear

Now that jeans are acceptable at most of the choosier restaurants and clubs, providing they’re accompanied with something relatively dressy such as a blazer and/or tie, there’s no reason not to wear jeans all the time. Want some more reasons? Sure you do.Continue Reading

Flaming Wands and a Laptop that Never Needs to be Charged

It’s the last Friday before X-Mas! I managed to pick up a bunch of crappy gifts for my loved ones yesterday at the Eaton’s Centre. The Olympic Torch made its way through the city, but I opted not to join the hundreds lining Yonge street as some dude running around with a flaming wand doesn’tContinue Reading

Funny Search Engine Terms Used to Find

Below are some of the bizarre search engine terms people have used to find my website. These are all real. Continue Reading

Is this like your first kiss?

I recall my first kiss being almost exactly like this.Continue Reading

Awesome New Plunger Scares Shit Out of the Toilet

So after my old plunger proved too weak to effectively clear up any clogs after taco night, this new plunger essentially scares the the shit right out of the toilet. I’ve never even had to use it yet. It’s that good. Here is my rendering.Continue Reading

Emergency Underwear

For many people, laundry day comes when they run out underwear. Emergency underwear is the last clean pair of underwear you have at your disposal.Continue Reading

Snuggies – Because Blankets Trap Your Hands

The only 3 reasons you should ever purchase a Snuggie.Continue Reading