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Justin Bieber’s Biggest Fan

Justin Bieber is a name I see and hear far too often. He’s constantly a trending topic on Twitter and for some reason or another, he’s very popular with the kids. I don’t know his music or anything about him, and if you’re lucky, you don’t either. But, if you need a good laugh, watch… Continue Reading

I’m Going to Grape You in the Mouth

Sorry, I’m super busy today so I don’t have a full post, but something is better than nothing.  Right? Right!? RIGHT!???? Here’s a hilarious clip that will make you laugh at something you probably shouldn’t laugh at. Who said rape jokes aren’t funny? Watch, enjoy, tell your friends. Continue Reading

When Cartoon Animals Attack

– Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m really wrapped up in a writing workshop for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll try to throw some things on here now and then. – This is a very cool music video. Graphic and bloody, but with a bizarrely empowering ending. – Maybe next time you’ll… Continue Reading

Whitney Houston’s Streetlight Manifesto

No big update today. I’m hitting up the Streetlight Manifesto show in Toronto tonight and I’ll need to start drinking very soon. Streetlight Manifesto is a great band that you should listen to when you’re finished rocking out to cracked out diva, Whitney Houston’s, latest album. – The Streetlight Manifesto show will be something like… Continue Reading

The Leafs future looks good

For anyone worried about the Leafs first round pick (7th overall) Nazem Kadri – Please watch his game tying goal, and more importantly, his sweet shootout goal from last night’s preseason game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The kid looks just fine. TSN’s article on the game – Continue Reading