Millennials: The Most and Least Accepting Generation

Millenials can't even

THE INTERNET – A growing number of millennials, at this exact moment, are extremely “offended” by something and even more “wounded” by everything else. This is resulting in “angry” fingers peppering iPhones and keyboards to produce a barrage of emojis, hashtags, comments, and tweets on social media, with autocorrect barely able to keep up with the number of times it has to correct the word “shaming” and “literally”.

The odd thing is, these particular millennials aren’t offended, wounded, or angry, but are simply fighting for someone or some group they believe SHOULD be offended, and apparently, we should all be offended about something at all times. Even more odd, they experience an inability to finish one particular sentence, which begs the question, “can’t even what?” Seriously, what can’t you do? Finish the sentence. Sorry, I’m language shaming or sentence shaming or something to that effect.

Trying to make a joke that doesn't offend anyone in 2016

Many millennials are a paradox. Both the most and least accepting generation this planet has ever witnessed, which is both refreshing and mind numbing, but at least isn’t all bad. Creating acceptance and an equal playing field for all is important, and a majority of the millennials are leading that charge. Good on them. But this isn’t about them or that. It’s those who nitpick every single word that is said or written to a fault who are not helping the cause.

Feathers ruffled, and on the prowl, these keyboard warriors tend to spit out unfounded accusations of racism, ageism, sexism, privilege, foodism, giant eyeballism and various types of shaming in response to nearly any comment made anywhere.

My editor informs me millennials will surely claim birdism or bird shaming at the ruffled feather comparison, and for that I apologize. Sorry birds.

We are creating a world where people are afraid to speak their mind and every single moment of our lives feels like a job interview (my weakness is that sometimes I try too hard). People used to say, “Be real.” To which I thought, “What else is there?” But I get it. We’re walking LinkedIn profiles now. We aren’t being real.

We used to rely on comedians to have the nerves to speak their mind, and even that’s changed somewhat. A lot of comedians are steering clear of college campuses (Jerry Seinfeld: Politically correct college students ‘don’t know what the hell they’re talking about’) fearing unreasonable retribution over jokes. There’s a middle ground, right? Can we even get there, or — Nevermind. I forgot, we can’t even.

In the meantime, I suppose a generation spattering the internet with complaints and accusations is better than a generation being spattered with bullets…oh, wait.

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Seriously though, can’t even what?

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