Astley Rick Rolls His Way Back into Our Hearts with New Song

Rick Astley Now

He said he’d never give us up, he’d never let us down, never run around and desert us, and stupidly, we wholeheartedly believed it.

He Made Us Cry. Broken promises. So many. He said he’d never make us cry, but my soaking wet pillow provides evidence to the contrary. The only promise he kept: he never said goodbye. We never got the closure we needed. Rick Astley was truly the one who got away. My therapist and I have been trying to pick up the shards of my broken heart together, forever…or at least what seems like forever.

In 2012, I reported Rick was singing again (What Ever Happened to Rick Astley), touring the UK. I almost packed my bags and moved to the Big Smoke, but my friends and family held an intervention and told me to give it up. I nodded and the words, “Ok, I’ll give him up” reluctantly stumbled out of my mouth. But in my mind and what was left of my heart, I said, No, I’m NEVER gonna give you up. How could I? How could anyone?

rick astley, gif

Rick Never Said Goodbye. Fast forward to April 2016. Word of Rick Astley’s new song spread like a California wildfire. I pinched myself in disbelief. I dreamed of Rick’s return for years only to wake up in a cold sweat, salty tears Rick Rolling down my face, clutching Astley’s 1988 album Hold Me in Your Arms … in my arms.

This wasn’t a dream though. Eagerly, I opened my browser, finger clicking madly on the Firefox icon, opening sixteen iterations. I browsed to YouTube, making a number of mistakes in the process (nevergonnagiveYOUupTUBE, nevergonnaletYOUdownTUBE, and so on). Finally, after what seemed like a treasure hunt worthy of Indiana Jones, I found my prize: Rick Astley, Keep Singing.

I don’t want to spoil the song (not possible) by over analyzing it. I will say this, for those yet to hear it, for those about to lose their Rick Astley virginity again…It’s fantastic. Life changing. It’s all the greatest pep talks and motivational speeches wrapped up in one song. It’s a back massage for your ears. Does that make sense? Rick’s grown up, his sound has changed. But we’ve grown up too, right?

Turns out Rick didn’t give us up, let us down, run around or desert us. I’m sorry for doubting you Rick. Welcome back, we missed you. Also, you look great dude.

Ok, enough talk. Stop reading this and let your ears feast on what will definitely be your new favorite song.

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