Breaking Mad: Breaking Bad/Mad Men Crossover on the Way

It sounds so far fetched, so crazy, and so stupid that it just might work.

Warning, Breaking Bad spoilers below

With AMC’s wildly popular show, Breaking Bad, wrapping up recently, and Mad Men set to enter its final season, AMC’s writers are working feverishly to replace the two shows without losing their audiences.

The solution: a crossover.

The biggest obstacle in the crossover is the fact that each show is set in a different time. Mad Men in the 60s and 70s, Breaking Bad closer to present times. The answer, wait for it …. time travel.

“Imagine Walter White’s death didn’t send him to Hell, Heaven, or nothingness, or whatever you believe in, but sent him to New York in the 1960s. How would Heisenberg’s presence affect the lives of Don Draper and the rest of Sterling Cooper? How would the timeline change? This is the alternate universe we want to explore in Breaking Mad,” explained creator Vince Gilligan, trying to withhold his enthusiasm.

With drinking and smoking already so prevalent at the Madison Avenue ad agency, what would a little blue meth contribute to the chaos and drama? Would Peggy Olson’s star rise so quickly if she were strung out on glass? What kind of empire could Walter White build in a bustling metropolis like Manhattan? Would Don Draper, who already has so many vices, succumb to methamphetamine addiction?


In terms of show titles, they tinkered with Mad Meth, but ultimately settled on Breaking Mad. Gilligan hints that other deceased Breaking Bad characters could pop up throughout the show. How cool would it be to see to Gus Fring do business with Don Draper, or Agent Schrader get another chance to bring down his brother-in-law?

When asked whether the crossover was inspired by the Breaking Mad tumblr account, Gilligan shook his head and smiled, “This has been in the making for years.”

Hold on to your hats, Breaking Mad is set to air in Fall of 2015, shortly after Mad Men ends.

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