Gallup Poll: 32% of Americans Think Independence Day is Honoring the 1996 Will Smith Movie


A recent Gallup poll, asking American citizens why they celebrate the 4th of July, has revealed that a whopping 32% thought it was to honor the 1996 blockbuster Will Smith movie, Independence Day. In this film aliens invade, Will Smith kicks alien ass, the end. This alien ass-kicking, of course, occurs on July 4th. Independence was a huge box office success grossing over 800 million dollars worldwide.  The Gallup poll also revealed that 90% of that 32%, not surprisingly, were under the age of 30.

It is also of note that another 6% of those polled had never heard of Independence Day, but acknowledged July 4th as Fireworks Day. Another 4% were unaware of any 4th of July festivities. Interestingly enough, everyone polled had heard of Will Smith.

Many historians are disgusted by the results of this poll and are pointing their fingers at the current state of the American educational system. They are demanding something be done about this.

Of course, as most people know, the purpose of Independence Day is to honor the greatest American of all time.



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