Blackhawks Use Picture of Crying Marchand as Motivation to Win Cup


Just one day after the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins in a dramatic game 6 finish to win the 2013 Stanley Cup, rumors are circulating about the Blackhawks unorthodox means of getting motivated. Rumor has it, the Blackhawks had a life-sized picture of super pest, Brad Marchand, crying, posted on the dressing room wall. The picture used, is assumed to be the one shown above in the left panel, which occurred earlier in the season. There is more to the rumor though. Apparently, before taking the ice each game, the Blackhaws would chant, “Make Brad cry” and slap the picture on the way out of the dressing room. The idea being that if the Bruins were defeated, there was a possibility of making Marchand cry again.

One NHLer, who spoke anonymously, had this to say: “Brad Marchand is probably the most annoying player in the NHL. I commend whoever thought of the idea [to put the picture up]. Heck, I wish our team had thought of it first.”

Some fans feel the Blackhawks went too far, while others believe any edge you can over your opponent, which falls within the rules, is okay.

One fan went as far as to suggest that after the Bruins’ devastating loss, the Blackhawks should have procured some of Marchand’s tears in order to drink them from the cup.

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