Troll Wars: Online Gamer Fights

I love playing online games. Love it. But the trash talking that occurs can be awful. When it’s not racist or homophobic it hits all new levels of nerd. Calling me a newbie does not hurt my feelings. Saying that you’re l33t (elite) does not make it so. In the mind of an angry gamer, his prepubescent insults are equivalent to the mighty Ivan Drago’s right hook.

While sitting in his parents basement, unbathed and surrounded by empty pizza boxes and Ramen noodles, the troll is so deeply invested in his online persona that he truly believes himself to be all powerful. This is a depiction of how the troll sees himself.

A thank you to Andrew M., Jesse N., and @Malackey for helping out with this article as well as to everyone whose insults didn’t make the cut.

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