St.Patrick’s Day Checklist For Awesome Times

To make St. Paddy’s Day even more awesome than usual, I’ve created a checklist to make sure you maximize the fun on one of the only holiday’s dedicated to drinking.

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Start day with traditional Irish fry, Start drinking in the AM, Wear green, Go to an Irish pub, Drink a GuinnPRINTess, Pretend you know all the words to a Celtic song, Say the phrase: “Kiss me, I’m (Irish/shitfaced)”, Jig, Drink a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, Witness someone fall down, Attempt an Irish Accent, Drink Bushmills, Put O’ in front of your last name, Watch at least 12 seconds of futbol, Drunk dial/text someone, Spill beer on yourself
Spill beer on someone else, Wear a festive hat, pin or tattoo, Find ugly server/bartender attractive, Witness someone throwing up, Make a new friend, Forget new friend’s name, Make-out with new friend,Hear a rant about how someone hates Guinness, Claim THIS is your last drink more than once, Throw up McDonald’s Shamrock Shake,Participate in the walk of shame, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patty’s Day
  • The last drink I had was last St Patrick’s Day. I average about 1 every few years. Clearly this isn’t the holiday for me. Though I do like a good jig, and I’m more than willing to spill beer on someone, providing the beer is given me for that purpose. 

    • Jigging and spilling beer is all St. Paddy’s is about. I’d never drink that vile stuff. ; )

  • I can add one item to this list … get a text from your mom around noon asking how you are, start to respond then realize you’re already drunk

    (I was at an event where they had free beer. It was trouble.)

    • haha, I was drunk by then too. Mom’s always know when you’re drinking. Be careful. Another one I’d like to add is “Get hungover before going to sleep.”

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