St. Patrick’s Day Rioter Confesses Crimes on Facebook

Facebook has become the ultimate interrogator. By simply asking the question, “What’s on your mind?” to its users, criminals feel compelled to confess their crimes to Facebook.

Take this latest example for instance:

LONDON, CANADA – A city known not only for its post-secondary schools (The University of Western Ontario, and Fanshawe College), but also famous for its party-going culture. A riot broke out St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday. A news van was flipped, miscellaneous items set on fire, and bottles thrown at cops.

The rioting part of this is dumb enough, but intoxicated college students are known to do idiotic things. If you think peer pressure is bad, imagine mob pressure.

An estimated 1000 people participated in the riot, and it’s clear the rioters came down with a temporary case of DUHHHHH brought on by a combination of St. Paddy’s Day + Saturday + above average temperatures. Each of those three factors lead to excessive drinking on their own in college, but you add a holiday centered around drinking all day and things are bound to get out of hand.

Out of those 1000 who participated in the riot, how many confessed to their crimes with a promise of video evidence? The level of stupidity here is through the roof, clouds and into the great beyond. Brenden, what were you thinking?

I do feel for the kid, because while many of us have participated in acts of dumbness when we were in our teens or early twenties, with stories we wanted to share with all of our friends at once, we were lucky enough to not have the ability to do it. Facebook is great, but it’s also dangerous. I guarantee Brenden learned or will learn his lesson from this, which is why I blacked out his name and blurred his picture. It’s not for me to put his name out there, I’m sure he’s already infamous in London and the surrounding area.

Simple rule of thumb: When Facebook asks you, “What’s on your mind?” don’t post anything that can get you arrested.

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