8 Reasons Why Iggy Pop Should Wear a Shirt

iggy pop, music, rock, spaghetti now least popular pasta, pepperoni ruined forever, reminds people of Tori Spelling’s boobs, obesity an attractive alternative to this, can’t look up map of nile river without thinking of this, decrease in sales of snakes and ladders board game, easy to track terrifying descent of iggy’s boobs
  • Normally I turn away cause I can’t stand to look. You’ve forced me too look way to long at something that should never be directly looked into.

    If he’s going to keep bare chesting it, he should wear a sign that says ‘behold the ravages of age’.

    • “Blech, … ach … no … stop …” But I couldn’t stop reading, and then following the area to the punchline. So gross. Why did you do this to us?

      (But, touche.)

      • Sometimes you have to expose the truth in order to facilitate change.

  • Wilbert

    More Human than your ass, you ass!!!

  • Ziggy

    He is not young anymore but come on iggy with shirt is like president without clothes.

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