T’was Six Nights Before Christmas: The Yu Darvish Story

T’was six nights before Christmas, fans waited all day.  
Not an ace on the staff, we missed Halladay.

The jerseys were hung in the closet with care,  
in hopes a Japanese savior, soon would be there.

The news was delayed, many fans went to bed,
while visions of Yu Darvish danced in their head.

Our chances were good, but we sensed there was danger,
Don’t steal our Japanese Jesus, born in an Osaka manger.

On Twitter and Facebook there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to the computer to see what was the matter.

On to the desktop, I flew right away,
only to be sidetracked by Shit Girls Say.

Experts said the Rangers bid a higher posting fee,
And so Toronto’s hopes for Yu Darvish took an arrow in the knee.

Although the awful news caused Jays fans to wince,
I say Merry Christmas to all, let’s go after Prince!

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