Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

You’re probably aware it’s no longer politically correct to wish people Merry Christmas if you’re not sure whether or not they celebrate Christmas. Some people get offended, frown and say, “Actually I don’t celebrate Christmas.” Because of that, the recommended phrase is “happy holidays.”

Yes, Christmas’s origins are religious, a celebration of the birth of the little tiny baby Jesus, the story with the star, the manger, the gold, frankenstein and merman. However, many people who aren’t religious celebrate Christmas and focus on the exchanging gifts and sharing drunken quality time with loved ones rather than the religious parts of it. Even good ol’ Jumpin’ Jesus could respect that (although he may not appreciate when people replace his name with an X in X-Mas).

But what about those who don’t celebrate Christmas at all?

Well, the jokes on them, because they’ve been celebrating Christmas for years without even knowing it. You know that “holiday” office party you enjoyed so much, the one with green and red streamers hanging on the wall, mistletoe dangling in the doorway, and the sweet sweet sounds of Feliz Navidad blaring in the background? Oh man, remember you made out with the chubby chick in the Santa hat? That was a Christmas party.  Without Christmas, that party wouldn’t exist.

You know all those sweet post Christmas sales that you enjoy taking advantage of? Many of those sales are there because of Christmas. So whether you like it or not, you’ve been ho-ho-ho-ing without even realizing it. No one is asking you to pledge allegiance to Jazzy Jesus, but merely to enjoy the festivities.

You know the days you get off on and around Christmas? You get those days off because of Christmas. Sure, I’d prefer the 8 days of Hanukkah off and would love to do some partying at a Hoppin’ Hannukkah or Cwazy Kwanzaa office party, but that opportunity has never presented itself to me, if it does, I’m there. So take the Christmas well wishes for what they are: well wishes. Enjoy the good times.

Still not convinced? The word “holiday” is actually derived from “holy-day”, so wishing someone happy holidays without knowing if they’re religious or not wouldn’t be politically correct either. So in the end none of us are being very PC, are we?

Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good night.

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