Chad Kroeger and Nickelback Must Die

Canadians are known to be polite and apologetic, and the first thing I apologize for when I meet a foreigner is Celine Dion, and Nickelback. Sorry world, don’t hold them against us.  Thankfully, we’ve managed to quarantine Celine Dion in Las Vegas for the time being. But be cautioned, Nickelback is still at large.

While there are many fans of Nickelback, I’m still yet to meet a single one of them. Are they afraid to come out of the Nickelback closet?

Being a nosy person, I’ve managed to find a couple of Nickelback songs on friend’s iPods, and when I point them out with laughter, the friend is quick to blame the presence of those songs on their girlfriend, cousin or redneck boogeyman.

Now let me be clear, I know there is a lot of love for Nickelback out there, but there are so many more haters. Go on Twitter and search “Nickelback” and see what comes up. It’s hilarious.

Truth is, while I don’t like Nickelback’s music, I don’t find it nearly as offensive as some other musical acts out there. What I dislike about Nickelback, is front man Chad Kroeger, but I don’t know why, I really don’t. The question, which I posed to my readers as well, is why do we hate Chad Kroeger and Nickelback so much? I don’t remember Chad Kroeger egging my house or giving me wedgies.

So let’s examine our hatred of Nickelback and Chad Kroeger a little closer (below are a mix of responses I got from asking people what they thought of Nickelback/Chad Kroeger and from searching “Nickelback” on Twitter).

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So analyzing this small sample we see some of the hatred comes from the name “Chad”, while others hate Chad’s voice, and many hate Nickelback’s music in general. During the course of this research, I found something else which might have a negative bearing on the band. You see, I’ve made my hatred for Nicolas Cage quite clear in the past and I came across something that others had discovered before me and is rather disturbing. This – >

Has the resemblance of Chad Kroeger to Nicolas Cage been dragging down Nickelback? Is calling these two horse-like an insult to horses? Why do you hate or love Chad Kroeger/Nickelback?

Disclaimer: As always, I never actually wish physical harm to anyone. While I would love to see Nickelback retire and have all their music banned from the radio, I do not want them to die. I hope they live long, healthy, happy lives.

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