What Ever Happened to Devon Sawa?

In the What Ever Happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas? article, a reader suggested I look into Devon Sawa’s whereabouts and my response was, “Yes, I’ll do a teenage MALE heartthrob theme.”

Of course I was being sarcastic, besides JTT, all former What Ever Happened to…  articles have included a fine looking woman, but because of the overwhelming demand for info on JTT, I figured I’d give the people what they wanted. No I’m not kidding, people are dying for information on JTT. So here I am posting about a guy I never cared about, but like JTT, he turned out to be more interesting to research than I first predicted.

Quick Bio

Devon Sawa was born on September 7th, 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

What is Devon Sawa Famous for?

To be honest, despite him being a fellow Canadian, I knew nothing about Devon Sawa besides that I had seen him in the movie, Slackers. That’s right, not all Canadians know each other. Devon Sawa was one of those names I’d hear, but couldn’t put a face to. I’m sure girls didn’t have that problem, what with him being in Tiger Beat and Disturbingly Obsessed Teenager Monthly on a consistent basis.

I think, and correct me if I’m wrong, teenage girls might remember him best from Now and Then, Casper, or Wild America (where he starred alongside JTT). Three films I will never see until I host a Devon Sawa marathon tonight!. He went on to star in Idle Hands and Final Destination as well.

You also might remember him as the obsessed Eminem fan in the music video for Stan (2000).

Where do you know him from?

 So What Ever Happened to Devon Sawa?

How did things go from bad to worse for Devon? Well, GossipList.com posted an image of his rapsheet where it shows a pretty steady timeline of his decline.

  • 2000 – Public intoxication and disturbing the peace
  • 2003 – Driving while under the influence of drugs/alcohol
  • 2005 – Battery of peace officer/Resisting an Executive Officer and Driving a car without owner’s consent.

It gets worse. Far worse. Devon Sawa, who obviously had some problems with drugs and alcohol, used to date Danielle Fishel, better known to me and many others as Boy Meets World‘s Topanga. Yes, he would ban-ga, Topanga, but allegedly, he would bang her in more ways than one. A few sources (details here) report Devon physically abused Topanga a number of years ago. Disgusting, I can’t even believe Cory Matthews let that happen.

How did Devon go from the clean cut teen to a tattooed vigilante? Well, sometimes the lethal combination of Hollywood and Topanga can have that effect on people. It’s like Pepsi and Pop Rocks folks, you just don’t combine them.

Since then, Devon has acted in a couple of steaming piles of curly turd B movies not worth watching or mentioning, but even more recently appeared in 4 episodes of the TV show Nikita, where he became a fan favorite. Also, he has a low-budget horror film, The Sibling, with Mischa “Whatever Happened to Her?” Barton set to be released on October 15, 2011.

Is a comeback in the works? I highly doubt it, but the truth is, despite some rough times, he appears to be doing pretty well. Wild America 2 anyone?

  • You forgot to mention Night of the Twisters, a truly classic TV movie that also featured a great ‘what the heck happened to’ in Laura Bertram.

    • I didn’t forget to mention it, I just didn’t mention it. TV movies aren’t worth my finger energy.

      Laura Bertram is still doing the same low level crap as always. Did you expect much more after Ready or Not? That would have been anyone’s peak. TV gold.

  • Rlevin

    wow, thank you so much for listening to me and doing some detective work on my crush back in the good old teenage days…I had him plastered all over my wall! Thank you Tiger Beat and Teen BOP! lol…

    • Yes, those centerfolds in Tiger Beat were really something. Here I was stealing Playboys when I could’ve been reading Tiger Beat. Wasted life…

  • LaLa

    Thanks for the Devon Sawa update!! I LOVED Devon when I was young-kissed his Teen Beat poster and everything! His 30 seconds in Casper is where I fell in love…. 😉 You also forgot to mention Little Giants which is a great movie!!!

    • Glad I could be of service, oh and thanks for the poster-kissing confession!

  • You said that phrase “poster-kissing confession” … that makes me laugh and sad for you.

    Also the can’t believe cory matthews line got a good camel reaction – that is, I shook my head like I shouldn’t be laughing but then I did.

  • Kelley

    Dude! You completely forgot to mention “Little Giants” which was one of his first movies (and the cutest little film ever!).

  • What a research on the whereabouts of Teen Sensation Devon Sawa! That’s usually the plight of teenage stardom, some were influenced with alcoholism, drugs and violence. How about Aaron Carter? Where is he now?

    • Hmmm, a request for Aaron Carter’s whereabouts. I’m scared at what I’d unearth.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Markraven

         His sister just died of an OD

  • Realistic Roy

    poor kid – Devan has those vacant, soulless eyes you only see on heavy drug addicts. Even those who recover still have those eyes.

  • Kbroussard85

    Around the fire is def his best film ( I’m a dead head ) and Tara reed is smokin in it

  • Rick

    I like your misuse of the word vigilante.

    • I like your smile. What are you doing this weekend? Also, you’re right, completely misused the word, but now it’s here forever, taunting me, laughing at me and reminding me of a mistake I don’t care enough about to correct.

  • Brian

    He was briefly in SLC Punk too. I seem to remember him being interviewed with Jason Schwartzman on something as well.

  • Brooklyn Holt

    Why did you feel the need to add that he is tattooed? As though being tattooed goes hand in hand with being a vigilante? Not cool

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