What Ever Happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (September 8, 1981), best known for his role as Randy Taylor on the popular sitcom, Home Improvement, voicing young Simba in The Lion King, and having his posters sloppily taped up on an angle in the lockers of young girls and confused boys everywhere, has simply disappeared.

With Jonathan Taylor Thomas turning 30 this year (2011), I can’t help but wonder, what happened to the pint-sized (5’7″) actor?

According to IMDB.com, Jonathan Taylor Thomas hasn’t acted in anything since 2006 and even more surprisingly, his Wikipedia entry is rather sparse and hits a wall after 2006 where it claims he attended Columbia University. In my short history of writing “Whatever Happened to….” I’ve never run into a dead end so quickly. Fascinated, I searched on for more info about JTT. Surely, no one can escape the power of the internet, right?

FACT: JTT can’t stand being called, “JTT.”

Speaking of confused boys, it turns out many gay rumors persisted about JTT after he took on acting roles as a homosexual and then a bisexual, those rumors were eventually squashed, but in February of this year resurfaced, which is odd considering we thought he was wiped clean of the face of the Earth. Lo Bosworth questioned JTT’s sexuality while on the talk show Chelsea Lately in February of 2011 and gave some hints about his whereabouts. To be honest, I don’t know who Lo Bosworth is, but if she has some JTT info, I’ll listen. Lo claimed JTT lives in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, a neighborhood known for having a large gay population, which might mean something, but could also mean nothing. (You can see the Lo Bosworth interview on Perez Hilton, here). Even more interesting, a commenter on the video states, “He is gay, he lives like 20 min from me in Kits, in Vancouver. he also got a bit chubbby too… ;).”

FACT: Kits refers to Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada.

Frankly, I’m not sure how all these gay rumors got started.

A brief search on Twitter showed people still talk about him and are wondering if he’s okay. A search on Facebook garnered no new information. His fan page sucks.

So despite my many hours of thorough research–imagine me frustratingly poring over piles of books at the library–all I could find out is that JTT may or may not be gay, may live in California or Vancouver and he may or may not be chubby, and might be using his birth surname, Weiss, and  well, that’s it. Can you believe it? The little dude is a ghost.

If anyone has any news on JTT, please leave it in the comments. We’re all very concerned.

Commenter Update: Since posting this, a commenter has given us some more news. Maggie P states : “He does live in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC. I see him occasionally here and there but not sure what he’s up to. The first time I.spotted him I approached him I teased him about being that kid on Home Improvement, he laughed, made some smart remark, then we parted ways. This all took place in a small corner store, on Broadway in Kits.”

More updates: Commenter and JTT fan, Maeb Shaban, has tracked down what just may well be JTT’s Twitter account, which unfortunately, is private: @JonathanJTT. I’ve sent a request and I’m crossing my fingers he accepts. On his Twitter account there is a link to his private Myspace page as well.

We’re getting closer to tracking him down!

Oh, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, if you’re out there, just let us know you’re okay, and maybe update your Wiki entry. We miss you.

Let me leave everyone with this:

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