What Ever Happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (September 8, 1981), best known for his role as Randy Taylor on the popular sitcom, Home Improvement, voicing young Simba in The Lion King, and having his posters sloppily taped up on an angle in the lockers of young girls and confused boys everywhere, has simply disappeared.

With Jonathan Taylor Thomas turning 30 this year (2011), I can’t help but wonder, what happened to the pint-sized (5’7″) actor?

According to IMDB.com, Jonathan Taylor Thomas hasn’t acted in anything since 2006 and even more surprisingly, his Wikipedia entry is rather sparse and hits a wall after 2006 where it claims he attended Columbia University. In my short history of writing “Whatever Happened to….” I’ve never run into a dead end so quickly. Fascinated, I searched on for more info about JTT. Surely, no one can escape the power of the internet, right?

FACT: JTT can’t stand being called, “JTT.”

Speaking of confused boys, it turns out many gay rumors persisted about JTT after he took on acting roles as a homosexual and then a bisexual, those rumors were eventually squashed, but in February of this year resurfaced, which is odd considering we thought he was wiped clean of the face of the Earth. Lo Bosworth questioned JTT’s sexuality while on the talk show Chelsea Lately in February of 2011 and gave some hints about his whereabouts. To be honest, I don’t know who Lo Bosworth is, but if she has some JTT info, I’ll listen. Lo claimed JTT lives in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, a neighborhood known for having a large gay population, which might mean something, but could also mean nothing. (You can see the Lo Bosworth interview on Perez Hilton, here). Even more interesting, a commenter on the video states, “He is gay, he lives like 20 min from me in Kits, in Vancouver. he also got a bit chubbby too… ;).”

FACT: Kits refers to Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada.

Frankly, I’m not sure how all these gay rumors got started.

A brief search on Twitter showed people still talk about him and are wondering if he’s okay. A search on Facebook garnered no new information. His fan page sucks.

So despite my many hours of thorough research–imagine me frustratingly poring over piles of books at the library–all I could find out is that JTT may or may not be gay, may live in California or Vancouver and he may or may not be chubby, and might be using his birth surname, Weiss, and  well, that’s it. Can you believe it? The little dude is a ghost.

If anyone has any news on JTT, please leave it in the comments. We’re all very concerned.

Commenter Update: Since posting this, a commenter has given us some more news. Maggie P states : “He does live in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC. I see him occasionally here and there but not sure what he’s up to. The first time I.spotted him I approached him I teased him about being that kid on Home Improvement, he laughed, made some smart remark, then we parted ways. This all took place in a small corner store, on Broadway in Kits.”

More updates: Commenter and JTT fan, Maeb Shaban, has tracked down what just may well be JTT’s Twitter account, which unfortunately, is private: @JonathanJTT. I’ve sent a request and I’m crossing my fingers he accepts. On his Twitter account there is a link to his private Myspace page as well.

We’re getting closer to tracking him down!

Oh, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, if you’re out there, just let us know you’re okay, and maybe update your Wiki entry. We miss you.

Let me leave everyone with this:

  • That’s a lot of research. Are you sure you weren’t feeling a little confused?

    • I still have a picture of JTT in my locker.

  • Rlevin

    Interesting enough, I was one of few girls who did not have any interest in JTT! My man was Devon Sawa…your next blog should be on him and where he is now!

    • Yes, I’ll do a teenage MALE heartthrob theme… :S

    • Retta

      Devon Sawa is died 🙁

    • Retta

      Devon Sawa died 🙁

      • Retta

        I’m wrong it was Jonathan Brandis that died 🙁

  • Renee

    I wondered what ever happened to Simba…. Who wants to take a ride up to Silver Lake????

    • Simba is also in Silver Lake exploiting the large population of stray cats.

  • Nadine

    Every now and then I get a craving to find onfo on him, but nothing. The first magazine ever bought was Teenbeat with him on the cover, and I totally had the magazine you posted! oh Jonathon where are you???

    • One of the great unsolved mysteries…

    • Maeb Shaban

      ya i am always searching when i have free time its very hard but i know his twitter account its @JonathanJTT really want him to get back into acting

      • Thanks for the heads up on his Twitter account. I’ll have to make an update to this post. Cheers.

      • Berrylynn88

        this  twitter account you are posting is a fake jonathan taylor thomas twitter account it is not real this same guy is on myspace and facebook he is acting like jonathan taylor thomas he is some forgine guy

  • haha what were you doing that led you to want to research him? I think the best part about this is picturing you being sincerely concerned about not finding more info on jtt. good stuff.

    • I typed “whatever happened to” into google and one of the autocomplete options was jtt. The rest is history.

  • Roy

    jesus christ is all I have to say

  • Roy

    jesus christ is all I have to say!

  • Leah P.

    I’m still dying to meet him one day. I don’t care if he’s gay or not, he was my first real crush and it lasted for years. I have been searching as well, to the same dead end results as Corrupt Camel. It’s such a shame, I have a genuine interest to know what he’s doing now, how he is now working, etc.

    • I think a huge comeback is in the works. He’s training in a Rocky-esque fashion.

    • Maeb Shaban

      he is not gay he said so on the tonight show with Jay Leno in 1998

      • Well then it must be true. I’ve never heard of anyone lying about their sexuality. Not once. Not even Ricky Martin…

  • Maggie P.

    He does live in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC. I see him occasionally here and there but not sure what he’s up to. The first time I.spotted him I approached him I teased him about being that kid on Home Improvement, he laughed, made some smart remark, then we parted ways. This all took place in a small corner store, on Broadway in Kits.

    • Thanks for the update! That’s big news! Another piece of the puzzle.

    • Maeb Shaban

      i wonder why his twitter account says he is in L.A. when maggie says she seen him in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC. i am so confused

      • It’s probably not up to date, or he sometimes live in LA too.

        • Anonymous

          Or maybe it’s not his real account. Anyone can start a twitter. If he hates being called JTT, why would he use it as his twitter name?

  • DicGinA


    This website claims to have interviewed him about two years ago. That’s the most recent picture I have seen of him. He has gotten chubbier.
    I’m questioning the interview facts though because at then end it claims that Richard karn and pat Richardson perished in a fire, which isn’t true.
    Hope this is another piece of the puzzle.

    • Sounds like a fake interview to me. I’ve wrote enough of them to know. Funny stuff though. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Trish

    So I’m watching 8 simple rules, and Jonathon taylor Thomas plays a high school students who is dating one of the daughters. He’s a little chubbier but still gorgeous!

    • It’s clear, the world wants him back.

  • Leah

    No one may believe me or care, but years ago I was fortunate enough to get to speak with him at his grandmother’s home in PA! His grandmother and his Uncle Jeff were lovely people, and Jon was very sweet too! I was a huge fan and feel so grateful to have had that opportunity! 😉 I hope he does some mainstream acting again soon!

    • I believe you. What did he say? No inside scoop? (A small sample of) The world is listening.

  • Lindsay

    Veronica mars!!! He was in an episode and looked as good as ever.

    • I will probably never see an episode of Veronica Mars, so I’ll have to take your word for it. Thanks for the good news.

  • Maeb Shaban

    Y dosent somebody go to Kitsilano,Vancouver,Canada i would love to go but im only 13 i want to interview him see if he wants to get back into acting i know a guy who makes TV shows i want to be an actress maybe even act side by side Jonathan Taylor Thomas(Weiss) really want to <3 oh and i found his twitter account just search his name but put his birth last name

    • I’d become an actor just to act beside JTT. Maybe in a remake of Perfect Strangers? 😉

      • Maeb Shaban

        i would want to be an actress even if JTT wasn’t living but my parents think its a wast of time but i keep trying

    • Berrylynn88

      jonathan weiss is not on twitter the jonathan weiss on twitter is a fake profile i know this i use to have him this is some forgine guy trying to act like jonathan taylor thomas

      • Todd WQNJ790

         hey kiss my ass

    • Berrylynn88

      maeb you are a 13 year old child crushing on a 30 year old man hello grow up jonathan is way way to old for you leave his ass alone your a child to him and illeagal why dont you find a new celebrity crush like justin beaber he is more round your age some

      • Realistic Roy

        Woah, Berry you sound like a jealous gay man. Gays get very possessive about their “idols” and just for the record, I’m sure a 13 yo girl has a better chance with Johnathon Taylor thomas than you do!

        • whoa, roy, you sound like a jealous homoerotic “straight” man, trying to insult anyone you can, all to protect your bro. how not possessive of you.

  • Anonymous

    My friend and I used to do chores around the house just so we could walk to cvs and buy any magazine with JTT in it….wow..

    • I did the same, but for Ninja Turtle collectable cards.

  • Maeb Shaban

    i think he has Myspace too its linked in his twitter bio one day i am going to meet JTT and see what hes up too y cant the ppl of C. Camel go to where Maggie.P said?

    • It costs money to travel and tracking down JTT just doesn’t seem worth the cost to many. Me? I’m saving my pennies so I can go track him down and we can sing some Lion King tunes together.

      • Maeb Shaban

        good point if only he was acting i hope he makes a huge come back we are ready for JTT

      • Berrylynn88

        c camel tracking down jtt is not worth no money to track him down let him go he is not the only pretty boy in this world he is not worth no price of money to track down

      • Atb

        He wasn’t the song voice actor. That was Jason Weaver.

        • he still knows the words though. ; )

  • Maeb Shaban

    ommg JTT has tweeted finnaly

    • HowdyHowdy

      Maeb!! I’m not on Twitter! What the heck was Jon’s tweet about??

      • Maeb Shaban

        oh here this was his tweet: Twitters Interesting, thanks for your invitation and for their messages of hope, Facebook need it, thanks for your friendship..

  • Jen

    Looks like a 2011 edition HI reunion! Glad to see all of the cast back together again.




    Courtesy P Richardson’ Twitter feed.

    • Gabi

      well sweet that’s fantastic haha

  • Keith

    that was the only post with merit.. lol

  • Gabi

    My thoughts about the twitter and the myspace.. it seems to me like he wouldn’t make it so bluntly obvious that its him, not to mention the background on his twitter is pretty much a huge dedication to himself.. I just don’t see him doing that since it seems he is trying to stay somewhat hidden away.. seems to me they are both fake.. either way I’m officially on the hunt now too!

    • Berrylynn88

      gabo why hunt for jonathan taylor thomas he dont want to be found advadently he been hiding for many many years so let him hide he is happy as is dont waste your time on him he wants to hide and be left alone he dont want to be tracked down or nothing if he did he would be all over the tv and every where but this is why he is hiding so let him hide this is what he wants to do dont waste your time on hime

  • Maeb Shaban

    omg the cast from home improvement were doing a photo shoot for entertainment weekly

  • Jttlovah

    He does live in Vancouver. A few friends of mine who live in the Kits and downtown areas have seen him around. His photo is up on the wall at The Eatery (sushi place) and he goes to the Roxy (night club) occasionally.

    • Jules

      GASP!!! Moving there pronto!!!! Lol:)

    • Anonymous

      he doesnt live in canada. in the EW interview it says he lives in L.A.

      • Maeb Shaban

        how do u know for sure if he lives in LA

        • Anonymous

          He said in the interview for the EW special they are doing that he lives in LA

  • Maeb Shaban

    omg JTT is acting again and wants to direct too

  • tomp

    omg, i live in kits! i used to love JTT! kits is a big place though, don’t know how i’ll go about finding him exactly…

  • Maeb Shaban

    I wonder what JTT’s big come nack is gonna be? hmmm

  • Maeb Shaban

    omg ppl read this JTT is out of hidding click the link http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/09/14/jonathan-taylor-thomas-home-improvement/

  • Maeb Shaban

    yea he lives in LA now and his wiki page has been updated so he i now found he said he wants to direct and he might act a bit

  • Angel

    Jonathan has officially joined twitter! Go check him out!

    • Berrylynn88

      https://twitter.com/#!/jonathanjtt this is a fake jonathan taylor thomas account on twitter i know this this is not the real jonathan taylor thomas

      • Kkiser1988

        you are an idiot!

        • Berrylynn88

          if you are going to be mean dont commit but i do know the above twitter account of jonathan taylor thomas is fake dont be mean if your going to commit

    • Berrylynn88

      https://twitter.com/#!/jonathanjtt this jonathan taylor thomas twitter acount is a fake this is not the real jonathan taylor thomas i know this i use to have this jonathan on twitter and this guy ia a forgin guy trying to be jonathan taylor thomas

  • Angel


    Sorry, forgot the link. 🙂

    • LenaStar

      Not him

  • Renee Bowman

    No one may believe me or care, but years ago I was fortunate enough to get to speak with him at his grandmother’s home in PA! I’ve wrote enough of them to know.

    • Granny and JTT: The circle of life right in front of your eyes!

  • Berrylynn88

    https://twitter.com/#!/jonathanjtt this jonathan taylor thomas twitter acount is fake this is not the real jonathan taylor thomas so if you are on twitter ths man is not jonathan taylor thomas it is some forgin man trying to act like jonathan taylor thomas

  • Berrylynn88

    http://www.myspace.com/531010244 this is not the real jonathan taylor thomas  this man is some forigne man trying to be jonathan taylor thomas so if you have myspace dont friend this jonathan taylor thomas it is a fake profile i know this i use to have it on myspace i found out it is not the reall jonathan taylor thomas

  • Devinlhester

    he accepted my friend request of over a year on facebook…might want to try fb again

    • Berrylynn88

      devin i dont think the real jonathan taylor thomas is on facebook i think all of the jonathan taylor thomas profiles on there are fake

    • Carixoxo1

       I  actually know which one is the real fb page of his, wat name does he go by if he accepted your friend request?

      • Berrylynn88

        which facebook page is the real jonathan i got like 4 or 5 jonathan taylor thomas profiles on my face book i dont know which 1 is real

    • Berrylynn88

      hello devin there are thousands of fake jonathan taylor thomas profiles on facebook and on twitter and on myspace so nobody never knows which 1 is the real jonathan taylor weiss

  • Carixoxo1

    No he doesn’t live in Vancouver, though I think he’s visited there quite abit, I do know he lives in Los Angeles, I don’t know if its silverlake but I heard some other comment say that he just might.

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  • Helen

    Maby you can ask his aunt, she was one of my math teachers at bear creek high in Stockton, ca (mrs weiss)

  • I  read an article (from my long  research) on him and this is the latest I’ve got on him. http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/09/14/jonathan-taylor-thomas-home-improvement/

  • Nicola

    I didn’t want to tell anybody, because people would freak…but I am Jonathon Taylor Thomas. I have had a sex changed and I now live in New Zealand.

    • Alex

      i actually live in nz and hes not here

      • Nicola

        *she. And that just shows how much you know.

  • Material Qt

    if he hates being called jtt why would he make a twitter a “@jonathanjtt” twitter account…

    • Feliciastellato

      thts too funny cuz thts wht i was thinkin

  • Iamlindalu1

    Years ago my girlfriend and I used to go to Vegas all the time. We used to hit many of the Casinos. While we were there we would get on their House phones and Page many of the Different Celebs. Even the PREZ. Ha! Jonathan was one of them. Not one of the celebs.ever answered the Phones. I don’t have any idea what I would have done/said if they had.

  • LenaStar
  • Jfan

    I heard he was studying to become a lawyer

  • Joline

    I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here.. but if Jonathan really wanted to be found I’m assuming that he would have put up a profile on twitter, facebook, or anywhere else.. Yes, he was my heartthrob as a teen as well.. He probably hates the reference’s to being Simba and Randy. Ergo no way to find him. Honestly, he probably wants to be left alone, so stop chasing him! He will be in movies, if he wants to be. More to life then being an Actor.. He’s not in tabloids alot because he just maybe just hates drama, and everybody wants to be in his business? So, thus being “off the grid” Obviously..

  • Sandie_crisp2000

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas is not gay but dose live in Selver Lake in a modest house with his Girlfriend of four years her name is Jessica W. they want to be left alone he said it time people forgot the Little man and imbrace the man Mr. Thomas has mad for himself he is now A director for Disney films

  • Bbass

    Maybe he’s a ghost coz that’s what he wants to be??? All celebrities do is bitch and moan about how they’re private lives aren’t private. Good for him for managing to do what every celebrity dreams of doing – having his own life.

    I’m sure if he died we’d all know about it. Until then, let the man be! SHEESH!

  • Ally Wetz
  • briar

    I just Googled jtt gay and your blog was the second link! Too funny. -Briar

  • Kenny

    I haven’t seen Jonathan Taylor Thomas ever sine Home Improvement was cancelled. After that he was all grown up and handsome looking guy. He is very good looking.

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