Confirmed: Shaq to Return for Kazaam 2

Despite being one of‘s lowest rated movies and grossing a measly $19 million at the box office back in 1996, Universal Pictures has decided it’s time for a sequel to Kazaam, and have even managed to sign on recently retired NBA player Shaquille O’Neal to reprise his role as the giant genie.

A spokesman for Universal Pictures, had this to say:

“We believe it’s time to give Kazaam a fresh go. We’ve thought this for years, but the timing with Shaq and his career was never right. Now that he’s stepping away from basketball he can step back into the shoes of Kazaam.

We are thrilled that Shaq is just as excited as we are about this film and was eager to bring new life to the franchise.

While this isn’t technically a reboot, as Shaq will reprise his role, there will be no returning characters besides Shaq in the sequel and we plan to fix the mistakes we made the first time around. I think viewers, both young and old, are really going to have a good time with this.”

The release date is tentatively scheduled for Summer 2012 and it appears critics are already writing awful reviews now just to save some time down the road.

With the 2012 release date, many are hoping the Mayan calendar is correct and we all die well before Kazaam 2 hits theaters.

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