Tomatoes Thrown as Pamela Anderson Announces Her Entry into Canadian Politics

OTTAWA – Pamela Anderson, best known for being on the hit TV show Baywatch, having an infamous sex tape with Tommy Lee leak all over the internet, and most notably, having huge guns, announced her entry into Canadian politics this morning…or at least tried to. The busty British Columbia native was welcomed to politics with a barrage of out of season tomatoes from those opposing her decision. While used to having many ballular objects propelled toward her face, this is the first such incident involving a tomato.

The Playboy model’s surprise career changing announcement got off to a rough start when a member of the audience requested Ms. Anderson reveal her “jugs” to the crowd. Other men and one woman (later identified as singer KD Lang) echoed this sentiment. When Ms. Anderson refused to bare her sweater meat (that is an awful term isn’t it?), the rotten vegetables (or technically fruit I guess. It just doesn’t seem right to call a tomato a fruit though, does it?) were hurled from the crowd. The first tomato exploded onto the podium in front of her, the second missed just to the left of her head and the third tomato sent the Barbed Wire star, hands flailing and boobs bouncing, fleeing from the room.

KD Lang: "I'm not insensitive. I was just saying what everyone else was thinking."

It is yet to be known at this point, whether this disaster of a press conference will deter the PETA spokeswoman from pursuing a career in politics or just strengthen her resolve. One thing is certain though: never hold a press conference at a fruit market.

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