Royal Wedding: Picture Shows One Guest Clearly Disapproves

  • Irishboy33


  • Renee Phelan


  • That brought tears to my eyes, too funny!

  • Yeah, that’s a bad omen for a marriage. I give it 6 months.

    • Careful what you say about the Royal Couple. They’ll hunt you down and give you an etiquette lesson.

  • LOL – – – that picture is a jewel.

    I hope THIS wedding has a happier existence than the last two – – –

    • I have a good feeling it will be, especially if that kid shows up in more pictures.

  • JM O’Mara

    Love it!
    Pater familias really loved it

  • ha – good stuff, and not just because you used the word fie

    • Especially because I used the word “fie” though. It’s a FInE word. <–Sorry.

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