Justin Bieber Sells More than Just his Shoe on eBay

After Justin Bieber’s slightly worn, purple, autographed right shoe managed to fetch an incredible $10k for his old high school, Bieber decided to up the ante and make a little more money for a good cause. Just hours after a huge earthquake rocked Japan, the Biebs put out a press release announcing he had plucked his lone pubic hair and put it up for sale on eBay. Within minutes of the announcement, bids starting pouring in from young girls, collectors, fans and geneticists all over the world pushing the current bid from a measly $25 to over $1 billion dollars. With 4 days still remaining on this auction, experts are predicting the price to jump to upwards of $5 billion dollars.

While many critics are calling this auction inappropriate and disgusting, others are praising Bieber for trying to raise money for The Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund so soon after the disaster.

The BBC’s Ann Franklin had this to say, “Drastic times call for drastic measures. I hope more celebrities follow suit and donate tufts of their pubic hair too. Japan needs this. The world needs this.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper had a different opinion: “is this the role model we want for our children? What happened to raising funds through benefit concerts, telethons, or even bake sales? Frankly, I’m disgusted.”

The winner of the auction will also receive a certificate of authenticity, results of a DNA test to confirm the black and curly hair does, in fact, belong to the Canadian popstar, and the tweezers Bieber used to extract his one and only pubic hair, which he had reportedly named, Sebastian.

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