Check Out this Incredible Cat Guitar!

Last night my girlfriend told me my electric guitar impression sounds a lot like a cat meowing. While initially stunned, utterly crushed, and headbuttingly angry, the above image popped into my head, and I thought, so what? That. Is. Awesome!

I need to make the cat guitar a reality. I like the name, the Meow-tar, but Cat-Tar is good too.  Feline Stratocatter came to mind as well. Which one do you like?

Hey, does anyone have a cat they think can easily be transformed into a guitar? If you do, mail it to me please. Oh, and if anyone has any experiencing transforming animals into musical instruments, drop me a line. Thanks.

  • That’s hilarious. I’ve been known to pose my cat as a guitar much to her hatred of me. I also like to make it look like she’s playing the drums. I think secretly cats like it.

    I also think cat-tar is the one to go with as it sounds like it could be an Indian instrument.

    • I think secretly cats communicate through hot farts.

      My issue with Cat-tar is that it sounds like that place in the Middle East: Qatar.

  • Stratocatter gets my vote.

    • Meow about that? Stratocatter getting some love.

  • Jenelephant Acewell

    Stratocatter all the way!

  • Ca-tar, I like better. Said just like guitar, but with a k sound, see?

    That way you can say to people, “Hey, I’ll be right back, just gotta run get my ca-tar so we can jam.” They of course, will think they just heard you wrong… Until you actually walk in, strummin ‘er whiskers.

    Can you just picture their faces?

    • Oh, I can see their faces alright! Especially when start using the cat’s tail like a whammy bar.

  • Just read your wabi sabi comment that you left on another blog.

    ha ha hahahah haaaa

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