AMC’s The Walking Dead Has Been Cancelled

AMC’s hit zombie survival show, The Walking Dead, has been cancelled after only one season. AMC cited budget cuts as the reason for the cancellation. “The good news”, explained AMC spokesman, Alan Anderson, “is that fans of The Walking Dead will be able to see some of the sets and props used in The Walking Dead on our new show.”

In order to cut costs, AMC has reused sets, promotional ads, and even some of the blo0d and guts used in The Walking Dead for the new comedy series that will be premiering on October 31st.

“We spent a lot of money creating ads for The Walking Dead, and figured we should reuse them, both in an effort to be a green network and to save a buck or two and help get this economy back on track. We even found a way to transform the blood, guts, and brains into a realistic looking pie filling. On top of that, fans seemed to think the title, The Walking Dead, and even the font we used for the title, were pretty rad, so we’ve found a way to recycle those too, ” said Anderson.

The new series will follow avid pie enthusiast, Jed Hawkins (played by Eugene Levy), and focus on his hilarious hijinx and misadventures as he treks across the state of Georgia in order to locate a rare slice of stumbleberry pie, the only thing he believes can cure his son of the deadly and knee-slappingly-funny disease, dariuskasparitis.

The new promotional ad for this show can be seen below.

the walking dad

  • I’d watch that. Especially if the pie talked.

    • I think a talking pie would definitely soften the blow of having the show cancelled.

  • yeah this actually sounds like it could be a show. and a decent on at that. is my liking this joke idea a good or bad sign for my tv show tastes?

    • Very good. Very very good. Well done. Super.

  • Res1492

    WTF !!!! The new series will follow avid pie enthusiast, Jed Hawkins as he treks across the state of Georgia to locate a rare slice of stumbleberry pie.

    This instead of a zombie show…..what are they thinking

    • I know I know! This is almost like some kind of huge joke!

      • John

        LMFAO Camel you crack me up.

      • guest

        yeah really huge..i mean WTF!!!! Man

  • Can’t wait to watch the pie show!

    •  We’re all very excited.

      • Gypsy

         I know this is an oooold post but I just came across it er, randomly… LOVE The Walking Dead.  But I’m commenting because you made me cry a little with your responses to the pompous pile of shit and ass crack. I love people that can make me laugh like that!!  Also adding “ass crack” to my list of insults, which include (but not limited to) piss-ant, shit-bird and fuck-stick. 

        Shit….I’m still giggling…*sigh*

  • jasmin

    I think the new show sound stupid…i really enjoyed watchincg the walking dead…i was looking forward to find out what happens…please uncancel the show

    • You don’t like pie? Well if you don’t like pie then I’ll make sure AMC puts The Walking Dead back on the air, pronto. 😉

  • Vir

    Lol, well done.

  • whathehell

    This is so stupid I don’t have words… it might be funny but will never be as good as the walking dead, i like fiction but usually not comedy on Tv shows, movies is ok, but tv show boring… anyway, big loss!

  • ahavier

    Are you serious! Zombie show for a guy who’s looking for pie!! WTH!! Seriously, AMC, I think ur loosing sight of what ur viewers wants to see! All I can say is this is oober lame!!

    • Give the pie show a chance. Eugene Levy is hilarious, imagine him with pie!

      • Anonymous

        SO BORRING N STUPID… PIE SHOW –‘ … SHut Up if them cancel “The Walking Dead” i ll never watch AMC again 😀

  • Pete


  • I guess AMC picked up The Walking Dead for a second season. It premieres this Oct. 16, just a few days away. 🙂 Great show!

  • Can you then explain The Walking Dead, Season 2?

    • Hi Dave,

      This was a joke. Unfortunately, there is no show about Eugene Levy on a quest for pies.

      Which is a good thing, because I love The Walking Dead too.


      • guest

        Hate u..iii really thought  it was for real!! but now i’m happy it’s not true


    so there is no need to worry!

    • It’s true, she’s right. You’re all a bunch of ass-cracks. Also, I’m calling everyone ass-cracks for the rest of the week. Love that insult.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • I cant believe how stupid people were to actually freaking believe this…. I knew from the very start it was a joke. I guess some people just have the brains of a Walker.

    • It appears the zombie apocalypse is already upon us

  • Amber Holman

    STUPID DOUCHE-BAGS. I know I know! Can’t wait to watch the pie show! The new series will follow avid pie enthusiast, Jed Hawkins as he treks across the state of Georgia to locate a rare slice of stumbleberry pie.

  • guest1896

    r u serious? 

  • Dick Jones

    In America it’s spelled CANCELED, only UK uses CANCELLED….read a damn book

    • Hey Dick, thanks for spell checking the blog. I really appreciate it. You are correct, in America it is spelled CANCELED. I don’t live in America though, so while I’m reading a damn book, why don’t you go look at a damn atlas and realize there are people living outside of the USA and neither them nor your fellow Americans need you to go out of your way to correct them you pompous bag of shit.

      • I’ll bet he’s against colour too. Racist. 

    • Alex180878

      These are amazing comments. I’m really impressed with your audience Dave

  • Lgarrow66

    lol  Happy April Fools day!

  • AlirezaHajian

    Did you check out IMDb? The third Season come at Oct 2012.
    well, it’s a long time , But it worth it..!

  • Connor Halcyon

    Thats just f****n retarded. No offense but why the
    Hell would you ruin this wonderful piece of work.
    I honestly hope this is a joke…..

  • Suck hahaha They are on 3 td season ass hole _i_

  • omg no way my dad has to watch it he loved that show

  • my best friend to

  • TimeLord1234

    There’s season 5 i came from the year 2014

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