AMC’s The Walking Dead Has Been Cancelled

AMC’s hit zombie survival show, The Walking Dead, has been cancelled after only one season. AMC cited budget cuts as the reason for the cancellation. “The good news”, explained AMC spokesman, Alan Anderson, “is that fans of The Walking Dead will be able to see some of the sets and props used in The Walking Dead on our new show.”

In order to cut costs, AMC has reused sets, promotional ads, and even some of the blo0d and guts used in The Walking Dead for the new comedy series that will be premiering on October 31st.

“We spent a lot of money creating ads for The Walking Dead, and figured we should reuse them, both in an effort to be a green network and to save a buck or two and help get this economy back on track. We even found a way to transform the blood, guts, and brains into a realistic looking pie filling. On top of that, fans seemed to think the title, The Walking Dead, and even the font we used for the title, were pretty rad, so we’ve found a way to recycle those too, ” said Anderson.

The new series will follow avid pie enthusiast, Jed Hawkins (played by Eugene Levy), and focus on his hilarious hijinx and misadventures as he treks across the state of Georgia in order to locate a rare slice of stumbleberry pie, the only thing he believes can cure his son of the deadly and knee-slappingly-funny disease, dariuskasparitis.

The new promotional ad for this show can be seen below.

the walking dad

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