Miley Cyrus Has Boobs

The moment a female celeb turns 18, she tosses the good girl routine, along with her conservative clothing, out the window. No longer does she save herself for marriage or say her virginity belongs to Jesus, but now with hiked up skirts, boobs spilling out of her top and a nose full of cocaine, she is all grown up. Men everywhere rejoice, no longer must they keep their silence about how hot they think she is.

FACT: The unspoken adult male rule is that it’s okay to rave about a celeb’s hotness once she’s over 18. Do female’s have the same rule?

Somewhat recently, Miss Hannah Montana herself, Myley Cyrus, turned 18.  At her birthday party she was caught, on video no less, smoking a bong (see pic below), which she claimed was the legal drug salvia. Months later, at the pre-Grammy gala, Cyrus let her boobs out for the media and the rest of the world to see. Billy Ray Cyrus’s achy breaky heart was broken and earthquakes erupted on a global scale as, simultaneously, men of all ages high-fived and then ran into the bathroom with a box of Kleenex.

The truth is, these 18 year old celebs have grown up too fast, skipping childhood and their experimental teens, and are simply trying to make up for lost time. We should all be so thankful we didn’t have a parade of media watching our every action, God knows most of us have done a lot worse than Miley in our day. Somehow I don’t think she’s finished. I expect there might be a few more parties in the USA.

The Take Home Message: Miley’s got boobs, she’s allowed to show them off and you’re allowed to talk about them, you know, if you want to.

  • Honest Abe

    she can smoke my bong any day of the week if you know what i mean.

  • I don’t think she should be looked down upon for her behavior. Clearly it was bad parenting. I suggest as an example to other child star’s parents, Billy Ray should taken out back and shot. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be as an example, he should just be shot.

    …And all his “music” should be wiped off the face of the earth as well as all pictures of his mullet. In fact all mullets.

    • That’s harsh, mullets are hilarious and an excellent source of laughter, ridicule and vitamin C.

  • Oh…there they are…

    • Geez man, it’s triple D or nothing with you, isn’t it?

  • not to mention disney trying to puritan up an of its people – its a wonder when one of them DOESN’T go crazy when they get the chance

    • Seriously, Disney should just give up and start producing pornos.

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  • Agreatmom

    you forgot to mention “FAKE” boobies…. she is Stretch Armstrong

    • I haven’t decided if they’re fake or just squished to look bigger. We’ll have to keep an eye out for any further developments.

  • Anonymous

    i used to like miley now i think she’s a bitch

    • Won’t return your calls either? Let’s egg her house.

  • lebo

    Bt z no bad wen u hv boobs

    • Is that even English? I think I need a master decoder to decipher this.

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