Fergie May Reveal Something Worse than Her Nipple During Super Bowl Halftime Show

Since Janet Jackson’s 2004 nipple slip, there have been no female performers during the Super Bowl halftime show.  In fact, there haven’t even been any performers under the age of 50 since the infamous boobygate. This year is different though. The Black Eyed Peas will entertain the crowd and this has raised many concerns. Rumors are abound that the curvaceous Fergie will reveal something far worse than her nipple in front of the millions of people watching. No, I’m not talking about plans for her to release a new solo album. That would  be devastating.

The main concern that will have most parents and those who are a little squeamish turning off the TV at halftime this year, is that Fergie will show her unphotoshopped, non-airbrushed face, that appears to have endured eons of hardship and suffering, in public. This, in turn, may cause the largest epidemic of nausea the planet has ever seen. Think the Stand By Me Barf-O-Rama scene, but on a much grander scale.  Regurgitated nachos, wings, and black eyed peas everywhere. I’m not sure I’ve got a feeling that’s tonight’s gonna to be a good night.

While there isn’t much argument as to whether Fergie has a great body or not (she does), there are more than a few critics who would refer to her as a butter face. For those of you unaware of what a butter face is, it’s a girl where everything is hot “but-her” face. I provided 3 examples below.

So I ask you, the reader: Is Fergie’s face all that bad or are people just hard on her because she’s a celebrity?

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