Zombies Among Us: Phil Dunphy

I believe zombies exist and are living among us right now.

If you watch Modern Family, you might notice that Phil Dunphy (actor Ty Burrell) more than resembles the living dead.  The combination of the dark eyes, skeletal face features, thin frame and pale skin are dead giveaways. Who says zombies can’t be funny?

After posting this, a reader was quick to point out that Ty Burrell was in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead and was, eventually, a zombie! While I’ve seen Dawn of the Dead a few times, and actually own the DVD, I haven’t watched it since I started watching Modern Family and so I never made the connection between the two. I feel like I have to watch the movie again just to see Phil Dunphy in action.

Check it out!:

Do you think Ty Burrell has a buffet of brains waiting in his trailer on the set of Modern Family?

Was he dressing up as a ghoul on Halloween or simply being himself?

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