Jealous Bieber Fan Throws Tomahawk at Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber is in the news again. This morning, his rumored girlfriend, Selena Gomez, managed to dodge a sloppily thrown tomahawk while vacationing with Bieber in Miami, Florida.

After pictures surfaced of teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, kissing Selena Gomez, Beliebers created quite an stir on message boards and on Twitter. Multiple death threats were made towards the 18 year old actress/singer.

13 year old Kylie, the self-proclaimed “biggest Bieber fan ever” posted this on a Bieber message board:

OMG  I will like kill that biatch with a kife or sumthin.

Author’s Note: We can only assume she meant “knife” or that perhaps she is very handy with a “kite”.

15 year old Karen, known on JB message boards as “BiggestJBFanFTW” was very specific with her threat:

When I get my learners permit i will run gomez over with my dads ford tempo.

Author’s Note: The Ford Tempo, arguably the finest of all Ford automobiles, was discontinued in 1994, but continues to be a popular choice for the American Trendsetter.

The death threats, however, did not stop the young couple from sharing another kiss on the balcony of their hotel suite in Miami. The above time lapsed picture, snapped by a member of the paparazzi, shows the tomahawk heading straight for Gomez as she receives a kiss from JB. In the police report, Gomez stated she managed to catch a glint from the spinning tomahawk, hurled at her by an outraged Bieber fan, and duck in the nick of time. The tomahawk fell harmlessly on the balcony behind them.

Bodyguards were able to subdue the fan and escort Gomez and Bieber to safety and the jealous fan was arrested and taken into custody. The identity of the culprit has not been released at this time.

While Ms. Gomez was shaken, she did comment on the choice of attempted murder weapon, “I admire the creativity. I mean, who throws a tomahawk, honestly? These days there isn’t a lot of originality in the choice of weapon. I swear, everyone either uses a kite or a Ford Tempo.”

  • Cylie Myrus


    • RVT

      I think you meant Treadsether for Gomez.

  • A tomahawk is creative, but it’s just not as practical as a kite.

    • The only drawback to the kite is that you can’t use it for any indoor battles.

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  • I clicked on this because I thought it was a lesbian couple in the picture. (not really … but it’s not a far stretch.)

    That is some fine photo-shop work, and touche the random tomahawk. Did you just watch last of the mohicans or something?

    • Watch it? I am the last of the Mohicans.

  • Omg!!!

    Why would someone send death threats to her!!!!!? I swear if I see anymore imma kill all of y’all who send her death threats! That’s right I’m threatening all of you!!!!!!! Cuz u just jealous cuz your not as talented as her and I bet once u kill her some Selena fans are gonna cone and kill u!

    • Easy there cowboy. I imagine those threatening Ms. Gomez aren’t jealous of her talent, but rather the fact that she’s shacking up with the Biebs. Let’s everyone just settle down, have a soda or something.

  • OMG

    Who would seriously be jealous of Selena Gomez? She can’t even sing that well like Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. And why are they jealous of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez when they look like a gay couple LMAO!!!!! Plus Selena is way too old to be dating a kid like Justin Bieber. I see why people mad at her. She need to be in jail. Dumb ass.

    • There’s no age limit on love…unless it’s statutory rape. Then there’s big, big issues.

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