The Top 5 Games on Facebook


Castle Age is a Clicker similar to the likes of Mafia Wars/Farmville/Vampire Wars etc. Clickers are usually responsible for spamming your feeds. Where this game excels is the large team battles and necessity of co-op play. In the end, yes you are simply clicking things over and over, but if you like doing that, this is decent. The game could use more updates and strategy as even the large team battles can eventually feel like a chore.

Warning: When playing, you can actually feel your life wasting away.


Name a fruit that starts with A. If you enjoyed the TV game show, the Facebook version can be a lot of fun. Sure, sometimes it seems like the people surveyed were the dumbest people on the planet, but mostly, it’s a fun time killer. The best part is that it’s mainly one player with a second player only being required to complete the Fast Money Round.

Warning: Will make you dumberer.


The only thing more incredible than the amount of money Zynga put into the development and upkeep of this game is the amount of money it brings in. Zynga is rumored to be worth more than 5 billion dollars. Mafia Wars is easily the best of the clickers, with constant updates, perks, and tweaks to gameplay. It’s like crack.

Warning: like crack, the key to avoiding addiction is to never ever start using it.


Pop Cap’s Bejeweled Blitz has been the best game on Facebook for a long time. The game itself is incredibly addictive and just when you start getting bored of it, they tweak it just enough to hook you back into it. There are a few factors that make this game so addicting:

  • Each game only takes one minute of your time.
  • The leaderboards are reset weekly to give you a chance to beat your friends every week.
  • The introduction of earning coins to buy power-ups means even if you can’t beat your own weekly top score, you can earn some coins to spend towards power-ups for next week’s leaderboard.

Warning: while one minute games don’t take up much of your time, playing 57 of them in a row does.


Pop Cap has managed to one-up itself by creating and releasing Zuma Blitz. There are a number of reasons this game is the best on Facebook and here they are:

  • The game is fun and fast paced, just like Bejeweled.
  • One minute rounds keep you coming back.
  • The ability to level up and unlock new powers and perks means your high scores are constantly getting higher.
  • Each week the gameboard is different than the last.
  • There is actually a limit on how often you can play it, meaning it’s a lot harder to play it so much you never want to play it again.
  • The music is great.

Warning: the initial loading screen is not only annoying, but takes forever to load. Hang in there, it’s worth it.

What Facebook games do you think belong on this list?

  • I’ve played family feud and Bejeweled but not the others. I flit from game to game like a butterfly taking in mind destroying nectar before moving on to the next pretty flower. Currently I’m flitting over Word Drop which makes me feel smart until I look at the high scores people have achieved.

    • Why are you constantly comparing yourself to a butterfly?

  • MikeMikeMotorbike

    geez, that dude is good at bejeweled…

    • I know. Not only does he beat me every week, he beats me handily. That sounds dirty…

  • My favorite game is guessing which on-again off-again relationship of my friends will next have the “is single” or “is in a relationship” message.


    • haha, ya that’s always exciting! Facebook is like the CNN for your friends’ relationships.

  • Agreatmom

    Haven’t heard of any of them with the exception of Bejeweled….

    • You haven’t lived!…No wait, you have lived. It’s the people who have played them all who haven’t lived.

  • this is retarded

    • So this and your face have something in common. Splendid!

  • I have spend so much time playing Mafia Wars. NO I feel like I really lost all that time, you play some RPG, try to get as much points as you can and after year or two you realize that it is just a game and all that was really not well spend. NO I only play such games on facebook that are fast and not RPG, because it just takes to much time. Bejeweled blitz is really great such game.

    • Agreed tbob, I just can’t seem to break free. They need a 12 step program to rid people of their addiction to Mafia Wars.

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