Two Simple Ways to Make Your Christmas Gifts Better

Christmas is a time of giving. We give gifts to make people we like or love happy. However, let’s say you buy your friend Cornelius a sweater you think is great, but the Cornmeister thinks looks like puke. There is a 90% chance old Corny will smile and say, “Thanks, I love it” and then get an overwhelming feeling of guilt because now he has this pukey sweater he doesn’t like and will have to drag out every now and then when you visit to prove to you, the gift giver, that he loves it and wears it on a regular basis. So in essence, the gift you gave Cornelius was not only an ugly sweater, but also a gift bag full of guilt and discomfort. That’s not what you had in mind, is it? You love Corny, why would you give him that? Jerk.

Everyone has been in Corny’s shoes at one point or another, so they know how Corny felt. Well, there are two ways to make any gift you give guilt free. In the end, Corny will thank you.

#1. Before giving Corny the gift, explain that if he doesn’t like it, it’s okay. No problem. Tell him you want nothing more than for him to be happy on this joyous occasion. This lead-in will imbue Corny with the courage to speak up should he hate the gift. He needs to know you’re cool and aren’t going to flip out if the gift flops.

#2. Include a gift receipt with the gift. Don’t tell Cornholio (he hates when you call him that) you have a gift receipt if he needs it. It’s a simple step, include the gift receipt with the gift so Corn on the Cob doesn’t have to call you up on a later date and have that awkward conversation,

“Hey, it’s your buddy Cornelius, remember that, um, swamp green knitted sweater you got me? You know, the one with the flashing lights on it? Well, I don’t really like it like I said I did, and now I don’t know what to do with it, and um, can I get that gift receipt?”

Because Corny, like most people, would rather stuff the ugly sweater in his closet for ten years rather than have such a terribly awkward conversation. You just spent $50 to make someone feel guilty and take up room in his closet. Have you seen Corny’s closet? It’s not big.

Follow the steps above and Corny can get the gift he wants. If you’re Corny (ya, you wish), make sure to be considerate, tell the gift giver you liked the sweater, but it didn’t fit right, or you already have a sweater just like it and tell the gift giver you appreciate that they’re cool about you returning it. Problem solved.

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