Team Star Fox Deals with Slippy’s Bowel Issues Over Facebook

Using nothing but quotes from the Star Fox videogame, the team deals with Slippy’s diarrhea problem over Facebook.

  • TS Hendrik

    Try hovering… that’s the one that got me. I was able to dodge picturing any actual images until that one.

    • C. Camel

      I’m glad I was able to break through your mental shield.

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  • Fox McPoop

    I think I’m going to start saying this at home. “you have a bogey on your tail”

    • C. Camel

      Spread the word McPoop.

  • Brad Stanley

    in high school some of my friends and i would play basketball while quoting this game … and now you’ve improved upon the use of these quotes.


    • C. Camel

      I was worried people wouldn’t remember this game. I played the crap out of the N64 version.

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