Justin Bieber Punches Out Homophobe

Have you been hiding your love for Bieber because he doesn’t fit into the gangsta image you’re trying to convey to the world? Fear not, Biebs, while rolling with his posse in Richmond, British Columbia, recently proved he is not to be fucked with.

While partying like only Bieber knows how, a random gangsta approached and made a gay joke towards JB, maybe something like, “Nice hair gaywad,” or “Bieber loves the cock” and the Biebenator channeled his inner evil and said, “Oh, hells no”, and responded with a vicious punch to the chops, obliterating his opponent. KO. Bieber wins.

Let’s ignore the fact that the punk that the 16 year old pop sensation KOed was only 12, and let’s also ignore the fact this was during a Laser Tag match and not a Grey Goose guzzling after hours club party, and let’s focus on Bieber standing his ground and being a stone cold killer.

Finally, you can pin up that Bieber poster you picked up at Wal-Mart last week, you know the one you told everyone was for your niece? You can also quit hiding your Bieber CD in a Slayer case and let the world know you have come down with a bad case of Bieber Fever because JB is one bad-ass-12-year-old-beating-mutha-fucka.

Don’t worry folks, Bieber will not face charges for the devastating dragon punch he delivered to the mouthy little brat.

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