Capcom Introduces Newest Street Fighter Character

TOKYO – Capcom held an impromptu press conference to deliver a surprise announcement to rabid Street Fighter fans. A new character will be available very, very soon. Look out Chun-li, this new sexy female character might offer some stiff competition in the popularity department.

The announcement of the newest character to the Street Fighter franchise was followed by a 3-minute demo of the new character fighting against Bison. The reaction: a 5 minute standing ovation.

Capcom CEO, Kenzo Tsujimoto, was excited to give the fans what they had wanted for years, “We listen to our fans and do our best to give them exactly what they want. This is a golden day for the videogame world.”

Fans took to the streets with yells of “Hadouken, shoryuken, and tiger uppercut,” vandalizing blue cars, destroying brick piles, and crushing wooden barrels.

“Finally!” cried SF fan, Sashimi Nakamura, “I can control my favorite character on the whole planet! She’s my role model and an international hero. This is a dream come true.”

While the announced price of 4100 yen (about $50 USD) for the new character is rather expensive, we were unable to find a single fan who wouldn’t be willing to pay the money.

“No price would’ve been too high. Not since Godzilla has Japan seen such a powerful creature. I would’ve traded my ojiisan for her!” said Shinji Ikari.

Fans argued over their favorite move showcased by the new character during the demo, with most people enjoying either the Diaper Drop or Deadly Denture Chomp best.

The newest character will be available through DLC on both the Playstation network and X-Box live on Christmas day.

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