Do Starbucks Christmas Cups Arrive too Early?

Halloween is over and the new Christmas branded coffee cups have been released!

Is it too early?

For some it is, but for most, it appears the new cups tickle them in all the right places.  Let me remind those who love the red, white, and green cup, it’s just a cup for Christ’s sake! And when I say that, I’m not taking the Lord’s name in vain, because it actually is a cup for Christ’s sake (or the sake of celebrating his birthday anyway).

Look, I love Christmas, and I think the Christmas Blend at Starbucks is tasty, but seeing a red cup does not get me off. Why? I have a life and my life does not revolve around coffee and coffee related accessories. Perhaps you should put your cup down, take a step back, and look deeply at what your priorities are, instead of doing one or more of the following three sad, sad acts:

1. Texting your  friends something like this: omg nu xmas cups @ sbux!

2. Updating your Facebook status (how dare you knock down excellent political comments and those always important Castle Age requests!):


3. Creating a detailed blog post specifically about the Christmas cups at Starbucks.

Yes folks, this is satire. Every year people complain about how early the Christmas decorations go up, as if this is something new. They cringe at the sight of holly and mistletoe hanging from every storefront at the mall. They complain about Starbucks releasing Christmas cups the day after Halloween.

But if Christmas season starts at the same time every year, and it does, it’s not arriving early, it’s right on time. Does this still surprise people?

So if you like the red cups, then enjoy drinking from the red cups. If you like hearing Jingle Bell Rock in the first week of November, so be it! My kryptonite is a rum and eggnog with a couple shakes of cinnamon on it,  and I promise, I’ll update my Facebook status the second I have my first one of the season.

The point is, unless Santa brutally murdered your dog on the foggy Christmas morning of 1993, stop complaining about the early arrival of the Christmas season, because chances are next year it will be here at the exact same time again.

Also, I’m sorry about your dog. I think the fight was over the porterhouse steak you left by the fireplace. What were you thinking?

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