What Ever Happened to Yasmine Bleeth?

It’s as if the thought came crawling from the depths of the ocean, running through the surf, and bouncing across the beach into my head: what ever happened to Yasmine Bleeth?

In a show full of blondes with fake boobs (see Pamela Anderson and Nicole Eggert), Yasmine was a refreshing change of scenery.  Men everywhere fell in love with the buxom brunette and despite her last name resembling a sound one makes while kneeling over a toilet after too many shots of whiskey, she was an instant star. She consistently landed on FHMs 100 Sexiest Women in the World (1996-2001) and even had her own line of swimwear called Yaz Wear. Yes, that’s a terrible name for a line of clothing.

After four years of bliss on Baywatch, she packed up her red bathing suit and disappeared. I was devastated. Think of the worst breakup you’ve ever experienced and you’ll know how I felt when Yasmine left Baywatch in 1997. Sure there were various roles in TV shows and TV movies, but they didn’t involve her wearing a bathing suit 96% of the time. How could she do this to the world when we needed her most? Needless to say, I required years and years of therapy. Many issues are still unresolved. Hopefully writing this post will help put some of these issues behind me.

What were you running from, Yasmine?

So what went wrong? Well, at the peak of her career, like so many men had been hooked on Yasmine, Yasmine got hooked on cocaine. It was so bad she actually collapsed at a photo shoot for Glamour at one point, not unlike how I collapsed when I heard Yasmine left Baywatch. She eventually hooked up with a strip club owner, Paul Cerrito, in her first visit to rehab. They later got in a car accident because they were beyond high, and as a result were arrested and put on probation and sent back to rehab. Don’t worry though, she got clean, and they got married. Love conquers all. In this case, it even conquered cocaine. In 2003, Bleeth returned to the beach one last time for the Baywatch TV movie: Hawaiian Wedding. I still cry when I watch it.

Where is she now? Earlier in 2010, Yasmine reminded the world she’s still got it, even in her 40s, when she posed for this Milk ad:

At the age of 42, she’s now quite content living as a housewife in Birmingham Michigan, obviously not even considering the wake of broken hearts she left behind her. Will we see more of her?  A part of me hopes so, a part of me hurts too much knowing she’ll never be mine. But whenever I feel like caving in and going to Michigan to find her and tell her how I feel, I do the same thing that helped me get over Gary Busey, I look at the infamous mugshot. Yasmine, I hardly knew ya.

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