Only in the USA: Buy a Used Truck Get a Free Ak-47

The United States of America, our wonderful neighbors to the south. I mean that too. The US is great in so many ways, there are many states I’d be proud to call my home, but there are some things that are more than a little bit backwards and act as a reminder that, like every other country in the world, the US is far from perfect.

Case in point, in Sanford, Florida, Nations Trucks is giving away a free AK-47 with the purchase of a truck (check it out, the promotion is running through November 2010). Forget bringing your wife along for a ride in your new truck, because you’ll have your semi-automatic assault rifle spending more time between your legs than she ever would. The old lady not willing to show you a good time in the roomy back seat of your gently used Dodge Ram? Forget it, you both know with the AK-47 there will be a lot more bangin’ back there.

FUN FACT: Because of their durability and cheapness to manufacture, more AK-47s have been produced than any other assault rifle.

Anyone who has seen Bowling for Columbine, when Michael Moore gets a free gun for opening a new bank account, knows gun control in some states is somewhat of a laughing matter. However, this particular AK-47 deal caught me by surprise, because the AK-47 isn’t your standard shotgun or handgun, that with a proper license, is obtainable in most first world countries throughout the world. This is a gun that’s banned in Australia and Canada, and in the UK is only permitted with an exceptional reason. Get this, even Mexico banned the AK-47.

Many people will recognize the AK-47 as a gun used in the Call of Duty series, or as the gun used by most terrorists, but the version available for purchase in the USA is different, they are semi-automatic, not automatic. Even the US has banned automatic weapons. Sorry cowboys.

Call of Duty, fully automatic version.

So grab a bottle of Jack, get down to Nations Trucks, pick up one their fine vee-hickles and have yourself a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

Oh, and if you’re interested, sales at Nations Trucks have doubled since this promotion, meaning there are now even more people with guns in pick-up trucks protecting the countryside from varmints. Yeehaw.

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