If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: Myspace Concedes Defeat to Facebook

Since day one, Myspace Co-founder Mark Anderson has constantly been looking over his shoulder. As if he knew this day would come. No longer will Myspace try to contend with the mighty Facebook as a place where people can post lewd and embarrassing photos, air their dirty laundry, and stalk their exes. After a not so spirited battle against Facebook, Tom, as he’s known to do, turned his back on the Myspace social community and surrendered. Once the Mike Tyson of social networking, Myspace, lately, has looked a lot more like a Glass Joe.

In an attempt to save the Myspace brand, Tom has asked Facebook to help out the bruised, beaten and highly neglected Myspace.  Facebook users will soon be able to login to Myspace using their Facebook IDs and transfer their likes, interests, and other fascinating personal information to Myspace. Why do you care? Because Myspace does one thing really well that Facebook doesn’t: Music.  Myspace is calling it a Mashup, but I’m calling it a bitter defeat and last minute attempt to save Myspace, or as it’s known now, My_____.  I think Tom is hoping the space after “My” can be  filled in by Facebook’s success rather than the word, “Demise”.

What’s next for Facebook? Well, they haven’t conquered the internet’s leading source of revenue yet. I’m expecting a joint project with Playboy or Hustler any day now, because creeping your sister’s bikini pictures from her 2004 Spring Break trip to Mexico just isn’t cutting it anymore.

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