Gory Public Service Announcements

When it comes to public safety, one cannot go too far in order to get the message across.

  • Anger is one letter short of danger. That sounds so profound until you realize that it’s not really saying anything. Way to make me think.

    • Anger is one letter short of manger, where Jesus was born.

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  • Think is one letter short of drink.

    If you’re drunk that is.

    Which reminds me, where are my pants?

    • You shared your pants with a stranger. Sharing is loving…but you should put on some pants.

  • Oh and also the tom hanks face just makes me happy. There could be a blog where that face randomly pops at you like the guy in mortal kombat – that’d be a good blog.

    • Yes, TomHanksRandomlyPoppingatyoulikeguyinMK.com.

  • Georgina99

    Oh yay on poster number two! Can I get that delivered in time for Christmas? I have a “Secret Santa” that would be ideal for. – G

    • Ha, I wish I had these for sale. I’m glad you enjoyed it though.

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