Exclusive Dancing with the Stars News!

I might care about Dancing with the Stars less than I care about American Idol, and that’s okay, because everyone likes to watch different TV shows, right? But Dancing with the Stars is everywhere. It’s not just on the TV, it’s on the news, in the newspaper and on my computer. People at work and on the subway are discussing Dancing with the Stars with such excitement, filling my mind with protests of Brandy’s recent unexpected departure and knocking out perfectly good memories from Full House. Was it cut-it-out or cut-that-out? I don’t know anymore. All I know is that Brandy should still be dancing. I don’t care if she is or not, but I know it.

Look, I don’t discuss each and every episode of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose anymore, do I? I don’t care about the has-beens and b-list “stars” learning how to dance, getting kicked off, then crying. Why does the rest of the world care? WHY!?!

By the way, how’s Monica doing? I can’t think of Brandy without thinking of Monica.

This is a excerpt from an article I found on the internet referring to Brandy getting the boot: “If you’ve been looking for proof that life is unfair, here you go!”

There are innocent children dying of starvation, being killed unnecessarily in wars, or sold into slave labor, and yet it is Brandy’s shocking dismissal from Dancing with the Stars that provides you with the proof you needed that life is unfair? Dear God. Bernie Mack is rolling over in his grave.

Don’t people realize there are perfectly good reruns of The Wonder Years or Boy Meets World to be found? YES! The Savage brothers can still be seen on TV if you look hard enough. Did you know Spike TV is airing Married with Children? I think you can even find boxed sets of Caroline in the City or Suddenly Susan and believe it or not, they’re probably on sale. WOW!

Yup, I’ve certainly watched some not so good TV. I once watched a season of Big Brother and The Real World. Idiotic.  I still watch some crap and probably always will. So with that in mind, keep watching Dancing with the Stars. I’m still not going to give a shit, but I just wanted to tell someone, although you most likely don’t give a shit about me not giving a shit.  But hey, can we still be friends? Swing by my place and we can watch a couple episodes of Blossom and drink some chocolate milk.

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