What Ever Happened to Tiffani Amber Thiessen?

What adolescent boy didn’t have a crush on Saved By the Bell‘s Kelly Kapowski? Before Yasmine Bleeth bounced into our lives (to find out what happened to Yasmine, click here), Tiffani Amber Thiessen served as eye candy and a pretty good reason to poke around one’s own nether regions for a generation of curious teens.

Man SBTB was good. Most male SBTB fans would’ve given anything to be Zack Morris and have Kelly as their main squeeze. Heck, I still want to be like Zack. What a great phone, and Zack Attack? Best fictional band ever. Anyway, I digress, this isn’t about Zack or SBTB, though SBTB is widely recognized as one of the greatest shows ever seen on TV. Except for that one season of SBTB when Kelly and Jessie were replaced by Tori? Disgusting. I still sneer at anyone wearing a leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up.

Anyway, when the SBTB gang finished high school and moved on, so did the viewers. Many of us focused on the prime time hit, Beverly Hills, 90210, where we settled for another Kelly. Kelly Taylor, played by Jennie Garth. Let’s face it though, Kelly Taylor was a poor man’s Kelly Kapowski and we knew it, which is why we cheated on 90210 by watching reruns of Saved by the Bell.  However, in 90210’s fifth season, to the delight of Kapowski fans all over the globe, Tiffani Amber Thiessen was cast as Valerie Malone. The biggest surprise was she now had assets not previously seen in her Saved By the Bell days.

Tit for T.A.T.?

After four blissful, Thiessen filled seasons of 90210, Ms. Kapowski was gone. Many Kapowski fans would never love again. So the question is, what ever happened to Tiffani Amber Thiessen?

Personal Life After 90210

Tiffani was engaged to actor Richard Ruccolo from October 2001 to March 2003. She met Ruccolo during her brief stint on the Ryan Reynold’s show, Two Guys and Girl. Why did they break up? Clearly, Ruccolo was no Zack Morris. It’s no secret that Ruccolo had a tiny, tiny phone.

In 2005, realizing she may never find another Zack, Thiessen married actor Brady Smith and in June of 2010, she had his child. She named the baby, you guessed it, Zack. Ok, that’s not true, but if the baby were a boy and not a girl, Tiffani would’ve named the kid Zack. You might not care what her daughter’s real name is now, but you will probably care 18 years from now. It’s Harper Renn Smith.

Amazingly, Thiessen served as maid of honor at 90210 co-star, and best friend, Jennie Garth’s wedding! Kelly and Poor Man’s Kelly reunited! The wedding was appropriately titled, One Wedding, Two kellys…by me that is.

The most important thing to happen, Tiffani Amber Thiessen dropped the Amber from her name.

Career after 90210

After 90210, with her career floundering, Tiffani gave in to fan demands and created two porn movies, one called Saved By the Balls and the other, Beverly Holes, 90210. At least that’s what she should have done, instead, she had a few reoccurring roles on TV shows such as Just Shoot Me and a handful of other obscure shows you’d have to be a recluse to have seen. Her movie career after 90210 is highlighted by such amazing films as 2006’s spectacular TV movie, Stroller Wars, a small role in Woody Allen’s 2002 box offlice flop, Hollywood Ending, and the 2008 Sci-Fi thriller, and Oscar overlooked, Cyborg Soldier.

She is currently on a USA Network TV show called White Collar, which despite my being unaware of its existence until this moment, has managed to be renewed for a third season.

What does Tiffani Thiessen look like now?

Although to this point in time, Tiffani Kapowski, errr, Tiffani Thiessen has never been able to recreate the success she attained in SBTB and 90210, she keeps on plugging and is doing pretty well, and for that, we commend her. There are still reruns of SBTB and 90210 floating around television, and there will always be images of Ms. Thiessen, not only all over the internet, but also in the minds of Kapowski fans till the end of time.

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