Corrupt Comic – What Raccoons Think of Super Mario’s Raccoon Suit

  • Yes!! And you used him as the raccoon. Bonus. I used to love that cartoon.
    Such language though… just goes to show you, stars are rarely what you expect off screen.

    • He’s been hanging around Cyril Sneer far too much.

  • Debbie Downer

    its true. that is horseshit. coons can’t fly.

  • Tombo

    I wonder what frogs think about marios frog suit.

    • Might need to make a sequel to this.

  • was there a bear suit too?

    Also this post is the kind of thing that makes me hate you because I wish I’d come up with this. All the time playing mario and I couldn’t think up one joke? DANG IT. (But I do feel like I do a pretty mean impression of ‘yah … yah wah … yah wah whoooooo!’ from the N64 mario. <-bragging)

    • The bear suit was Tanooki. A Tanooki is actually a raccoon dog. The people at Nintendo are nuts.

      • Also, I think you need Youtube video of you doing the Mario impression. The world needs to hear it.

  • Wally_J

    I can’t stop laughing at this pic. Hilarious!

    • Thanks Wally, glad you like it.

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