New Cigarette Warning Labels Hit Shelves Today

Firstly, for those of you not familiar with

the old Canadian cigarette warning labels, here they are:

And below are the new Canadian Cigarette warning labels. does not endorse smoking, but does endorse creating humor out of things not usually humorous.

  • I love all of them but the ‘if your cigarette were rubber’ one was so silly I couldn’t help but laugh.

    • I think I’d take up smoking if there were jokes on the pack.

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  • ha the just messing with you rock on one led me to buying 2 packs today.

    thanks corrupt camel!

  • Erica Estrada

    That ‘man’ is Brynnes aunt!

    • Really!?! Hmm…I stand by my comment.

  • Okay, I am the only one that never had heard the link between impotency and cigarette smoking? Never heard that excuse before.

    • Hopefully, you haven’t heard many excuses. 😉

  • The originals gave me a laugh before I even got down to your rewrites.

    I don’t smoke, but if I did I’m sure these warning labels would be just the incentive I needed to quit – – -especially yours.

  • C Camel, if you know someone who SEWS, you could find material with forget-me-nots on it and they could MAKE you the suit and you’d be stylin’

    • Thanks. Don Cherry will be jealous (Google him if you don’t know who he is. He has an amazing selection of ridiculous suits).

  • Seriously, is there any one alive that doesn’t know smoking causes cancer? Why do they bother? Do they think after spending $5 on a pack of cigarettes you will see the warning on it and say “OMG I never knew”
    My favorite: Your child thinks you look a little too much like a man. I agree.
    This is post is just a marketing ploy by Camel. Sorry I’m a Lucky Strikes Gal. (cough hack cough)

    • I agree. They should focus on the lesser known facts, such as: Smoking causes your head to explode into a billion pieces.

      What, you didn’t know about that one?

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