CC Takes Down the KFC Double Down

Have you Doubled Downed yet? It was a question I was asked a million times since the October 18th Canadian release date of the infamous Double Down sandwich.  When I responded each time with a whimpering, “No, not yet,” I felt more than just an inkling of regret. I could feel my life passing me by. My stomach screamed for it. I couldn’t sleep at night. I’d wasted so much of my life eating sandwiches where the buns were bread, and not meat. Stupid. Why have bread when you can have more meat? When wandering around the mall, I saw not one, but two KFCs and I said, today is the day I right some wrongs. Today is the day I Double Down.

Double Down 540 32 1380
Big Mac 540 29 1020
Whopper 670 40 980

When I neared the KFC/Taco Bell combo (the best combo on the planet), there were signs posted everywhere welcoming the vegetarian killing Double Down to Canada. I hadn’t seen this much hoopla since the Pope visited. I was a little nervous, but more so, I was excited. Christmas morning excited.

"2 pieces of deliciously seasoned Original recipe boneless chicken with crisp bacon, processed pepper jack cheese and KFC's very special Colonel's sauce."

Upon ordering, I inquired about the popularity of the Double Down in Canada. The cashier proudly spoke of its accomplishments, like the Double Down was her only child. While continuing to prattle on about her baby, she rang up my order and it was then I noticed the first knock on the Double Down: it’s price. At $6.99 just for the sandwich, and $8.99 for a combo, it was clear an addiction to the Double Down would simultaneously clog my arteries and empty my pockets, but there was nothing that could have kept me from Doubling Down that day. Nothing could have stopped me from eating the cashier’s overachieving child.

My first impression of the Double Down was that it was smaller than I expected (that’s what she said! bahahah). The patties were smaller than that of the Big Crunch, and without a side of fries, I worried I’d still be hungry. It’s quality that matters though, not quantity and when I bit into the Double Down, I was in a sense, doing a reverse dive into an orgasmic pool of deliciousness. Every bite was better than the last and the Original Recipe seasoning, as usual, was delightful. The bacon, pepper jack cheese and Colonel’s secret sauce made for the perfect filling for the chicken buns. I’d be nitpicking to say it was a little too salty, because the saltiness just gave me an excuse to suck down more and more tasty Dr. Pepper.

In the end, the Double Down was filling enough and DID NOT DISAPPOINT. If you were smart, you’d go get one right now. In Canada, there’s a chance it will only be available until November 14, 2010. Don’t you even dare miss out.

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