Pigeon Works Hard For His Meal

Respect the pigeon. He works hard.

I’ve returned from Europe after seeing many amazing sights, eating incredible food, and drinking a lot of beer. So what Euro tale shall I spin for you today? Not one you might expect and not really a tale at all.

I apologize, the trip has left my liver pickled and my head foggy and my bowels, well, don’t get me started on my bowels.

Anyhizzle, while backpacking I spent a lot of time at train stations. More time than I’d like really, and this particular time was no different. Just when chuckling at bad Euro hairstyles and drinking cheap beer weren’t cutting it, a pigeon provided some much needed entertainment.

  • That has to be the saddest video ever.
    I’m right there with you bird! I know how life be treatin’ pigeons.

    Now that you’ve returned I look forward to 1002 tales (you have to be able to top arabian nights), that is, after your body is functioning properly again.

    • I love pigeons. They’re hilarious. I don’t agree with all the hate they get from people though.

      Also, I don’t want to overwhelm people with Euro stories, but I’ll throw in a few here and there. 1002? At least.

  • Pigeon soccer?

    I like the one comment in the vid “things are heating up.”

    • What can I say? I got excited.

  • Erica Estrada

    I hear ya bud! Brynne and I were able to figure out the mating patterns of pigeons by the end of our 6 week Euro Trip. We even saw one pigeon get it on with a another pigeon (the other pigeon was dead).

    • Oh my god, that’s gross and amazing all at once. If you have video of that, let me know.

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