Michael Cera, Now a Delicious Soft Drink Called Wostok

If you bottled Michael Cera, and made him into a drink, what would he taste like? Many ladies, who adore the innocent, dorky, shy, yet lovable actor might want to know. In Berlin, my beautiful girlfriend came across the beverage, Wostok. With a cry of excitement, she declared, “Holy shit, this looks like Michael Cera!”

Did we buy a bottle? Nope. It didn’t have alcohol in it and in Berlin, we wanted something with alcohol in it. Foolish. People always say to live life without regrets, but after not buying a bottle of Wostok, this is impossible for me.

The question is, do you think it looks like Michael Cera? Also, what other Arrested Development stars would you like to see depicted on a European soft drink?

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