CC Goes Skydiving in the Swiss Alps

If you’re not into extreme sports, there isn’t a much to do in Interlaken, Switzerland besides enjoying the mountainous vista and being served crappy American beers at Hooters by waitresses who simply aren’t as qualified to be working as Hooters as they should be. Yes, somewhere among the stores selling watches, chocolate and army knives, there’s a Hooters. I didn’t travel halfway across the world to go to Hooters…did I?

I’ve talked about skydiving for a long time, but like many people, I talked and that’s it. In order to pick Interlaken out of the cheesy fondue like depths of mediocrity it seemed like a fine opportunity to go against all human survival instincts and hurl myself from an aircraft into the sky. The problem, and it was a big one, was we were on the last of our two days in Interlaken and the woman at the hostel, whom after conferring with the skydiving peeps, told us that, because of the fog, skydiving would not be happening on that day. Fuck. The next day’s forecast was even worse. So what could we do? We went to the hostel bar where we met a fine American duo who bought us some beers. Let’s get drunk we said, what else is there to do?

That’s when the sun peeked between the clouds.

So, in a last ditch effort, my better half inquired about skydiving again. This time, we were in luck, as long as we left right away, because this miraculous weather was not going to last. An hour later, while paling at visions of splatting like a Pizza Pop on the ground, 14,000 feet below, I jumped from a helicopter.

My rippling face, along with the rest of the jump, can be seen in the video below.

P.S. The straps make my man boobs look gigantic. It’s hilarious…and bizarrely erotic.

  • TS Hendrik

    Wicked. I love the view as you’re going up. I’d certainly never voluntarily jump from a helicopter (coward). Very cool man.

    • C. Camel

      What you couldn’t see was that the guy I’m jumping tandem with had a gun to my back…at least I hope it was a gun. *gulp*

  • malackey

    You’re even better looking at 300 miles an hour.No wait, I meant flatter.Looks fun though!

    • C. Camel

      It’s the face life I never wanted!

  • Alex

    Awesome! I gotta do that!

    • C. Camel

      Who DOESN’T want a strange man strapped to their back?

    • C. Camel

      Who DOESN’T want a strange man strapped to their back?

  • RockinRuhul

    I especially enjoyed the part at the very beginning of the video, where you sat on the man’s lap. hope Jen wasn’t too jealous!
    two thumbs up for being brave and jumping!

    • C. Camel

      She wasn’t jealous then, but when he took me out to dinner later she got a little upset.

  • Camille DeRosia

    I love the part about a “fine American duo” out to get you drunk at 9a.m.
    Good times! The buzz lasted all day long, and yes, there was a lot of fondue.

    Awesome video, but wheres the one of you and Jen on the Merry-go-round when she puked in the bushes?

    • C. Camel

      haha, I want to try to brighten that video up. Right now it’s pitch black with just audio. It’s funny though.

    • C. Camel

      I need to work on brightening that, then make sure all parties agree it’s ok to post on YouTube.

  • pubgirl29

    Great soundtrack but what about the real audio?
    ps you are crazy

    • C. Camel

      Most of the real audio is the sound of wind. It sounds like this, “WOOSH!”

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