Bad Religion Ruptures my Ear Drums

I went to see Bad Religion and The Bouncing Souls last night at the Kool Haus in Toronto.  Bad Religion has been playing for longer than I’ve been alive. They’re The Rolling Stones of punk rock. Yet, even after 30 years, Dr. Greg Graffin (46 years old on November 6th, 2010) and Bad Religion still have the ability to cause a venue full of young and past their prime punks to punch the sky in rhythm. I’m almost certain I suffered some serious damage to my hearing. If you haven’t already, check out their new album, The Dissent of Man.

I took some video, but the sound quality is absolutely horrible. I’m fist shakingly disappointed about that. Keep your distance.

The Bouncing Souls were also pretty fantastic, although the sound wasn’t great (no sound check perhaps). I loved their set list.

My only issue about the evening was that Bad Religion didn’t play Dearly Beloved. I’m over it though, really. I’m barely computer punching mad and I only sent one all-caps email to the band. Just one…the opening line of my email (of course): DEARLY BELOVED…

  • I am wicked jealous and hope you’ll understand if I have to hate you for awhile.

    • I understand and I’m sorry. What was I thinking?

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