Corrupt Camel Drinks with the Big Lebowski

I could show you pictures of Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag, or what’s left of the Berlin Wall, but you can look all that stuff up using the mighty power of the interweb. Instead, I’ll show you some wicked awesome stuff.

Taking the red eye flight is a good sign you're living life in the _____... Ok, maybe not so funny, but I've been drinking a lot of beer for the last two days. Hang in there.

This the view from the Mutha Frackin' Boat Hostel room's porthole. Yes, I'm sleeping on a boat. (If you're curious, it's called the Eastern Comfort Boat Hostel).

We stumbled across this bar called "Lebowski" named after one of the coolest films of all time, The Big Lebowski (duh). There were bowling pins and shoes hanging from the ceiling and the audio from the movie was playing in the German. As you can see, they also had a crap load of Lebowski pictures and posters on the wall. I would've taken more pictures but I was too busy slurping back White Russians. Their ice cubes: shaped like toes. Amazing.

Lebowski, apparently, only takes cash.
One day in Berlin and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Man, using a Netbook to do this website stuff is a pain in the keister...meester.
  • RockinRuhul

    glad to see you’re having a swell time!!! Can’t wait to hear more of your interesting adventures!! Glad one of us is having adventures…def not missing much here except for loads of data entry 🙁

  • JohnOO

    I walked past that very same bar a couple of months ago one morning, but it was closed. Berlin rules!

  • That bar looks frackin’ cool! Nice shot out the porthole too. Actually that last sentence kind of sounds dirty.

  • ditto RockinRuhul’s comment.

    The toughest part of this is deciding if the bar or the boat-hostel are cooler.

  • This is a win. It goes to epic-win level if there are rugs in the bathroom… that you can piss on. Okay, maybe not. Glad to see you’re hitting the sauce hard. Enjoy brother.

  • There weren’t rugs on the floor, but I pissed there anyway, just for you, as they say.

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