Was Carl Winslow Little Mac’s Trainer?

While reliving childhood memories of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, I made a startling discovery I’m certain a few of you must have come across before.  Jerome “Doc” Louis, Little Mac’s Trainer, looks exactly like the dad from Family Matters, Carl Winslow (also known in real life as actor Reginald VelJohnson).

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Fan Fiction?
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out was released in 1987 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, where Doc helped underdog,  Little Mac, fight through the ranks of the professional boxing circuit. After the defeat of Mike Tyson, Little Mac no longer needed his trainer, and thus, 2 years later, Jerome Louis resurfaced under the pseudonym, Carl Winslow and focused himself squarely on family matters.  In 2009, after years of torture from Steve Erkel, Louis returned to the Nintendo Wii not only to train Little Mac again, but to see if he could beat him. Doc’s secret weapon? Leopard print. Not since Ivan Drago and Rocky duked it out in Russia has there been such a great match up. Watch the fight below.

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