Steven Seagal Caught Shooting Children!

Oh Steven, I know you might be under the impression you’re above the law, but shooting children simply because they’re not hard to kill is neither funny nor┬ábeneficial to your career, which, by the way, is already constantly under siege by critics, but don’t worry my friend, I still think you’re the best and I’m sure these kids were up to no good and you were simply out for justice as usual. Most actors would agree that there was a time in his career where taking a questionable role put him under siege 2 err too. Just don’t be surprised when you’re marked for death by some of these children’s parents, Mr. Glimmer Man. By the way Steve, the exit wounds in this clip are pretty graphic and I think you’d best make an executive decision not to blow the lunch meat out of anyone under 18 in your movies anymore.

Was that cheesy? You bet. But cheese and Steven Seagal go hand in hand. By the way, this isn’t completely out of left field, it’s about this cleverly edited video I saw on YouTube, which is embedded below. Remember everyone, it’s just ketchup. No children were harmed in the making of this film.

Heads up: If you’re not someone who finds humor in morbid or dark comedy this clip is not for you.

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